What’s The Big Deal?


So what’s the big deal about prayer? I admit, it can sound a little flimsy at first glance. After all, we’re talking to an invisible God about visible needs that require visible solutions that remain presently . . . well, invisible. Besides, it seems unlikely that the Big Kahuna who oversees the universe with all its seven billion people actually pauses to listen to me. Yep, it does sound unbelievable . . . but only at first glance.

Researchers doggedly attempt to disprove the power of prayer. Nevertheless, the results create believers out of the most ardent skeptics. Repeatedly, science confirms the truths of Scripture. “When a believing person prays, great things happen” (James 5:16).

Daily engaging the Lover who possesses everything we need is the difference between letting natural things happen and making supernatural things happen. Prayer puts purpose in our living and adds power to our days. It alters life’s journey profoundly.

Do you believe that? I’ve never believed in the power of prayer more emphatically that I do right now. I’ve witnessed too many miracles to deny what my heart knows to be true.

Are you still asking, “What’s the big deal about prayer?” Pull up a chair.

For forty-two years, Julie tirelessly prayed for the man she adored. Her unbelieving husband, Charles, appeared more obstinate the more his wife prayed. Vitriol spewed as he cursed the very idea of God.

While in Florida on business, Charles died unexpectedly. Julie anguished over the suddenness of his death.  Deepest devastation set in as she realized she would never experience the one thing that mattered most, her Christian Faith, with the one person who mattered most, her unbelieving husband.

An agonizing month passed. The phone rang. A gentleman asked for Charles. Julie’s countenance fell. “My husband recently died while in Florida on business.” An awkward pause hovered.

The caller gently probed, “Ma’am, do you mind me asking what day your husband passed?” Julie reluctantly replied. The guy continued to press. “Did you talk to him that day?” She affectionately recounted Charles’ routine. “My husband never missed phoning home every morning and evening.” Julie hesitated, “I heard his voice for the last time as the sun rose that day. He died before evening came.”

Silence reverberated through the airwaves once again. The man proceeded despite his trembling tone. “I awakened that morning with a nudge from God to do something absolutely outlandish. In fact, it was so bizarre I ignored the urge for hours. By lunch, the feeling consumed me. I decided I could live with jeering co-workers but I couldn’t live with snubbing God. So I did it.”

The caller continued, “Please understand, I’m a businessman. I go to work everyday in a suit and tie. Nevertheless, God kept pressing me to go hitchhike alongside the busy freeway. Charles was the first car that stopped for me. Ma’am, your husband and I shared some life-altering conversations that day. I led Charles to the Lord. He couldn’t wait to tell you that night. He kept saying, “I get it! I finally get it!”

The news sent shockwaves through Julie’s soul. In that moment, she knew beyond all doubt that God heard every prayer.

As Julie’s tears spilled, the gentleman’s voice choked again. “Ma’am, you didn’t lose your husband. He’s not lost at all! You’ll see him again.”

Even when Julie’s circumstances screamed “hopeless,” she wouldn’t give up on the belief that God hears us and that He intervenes in the intricate details of our days.

What do you need from God? I’ve come by to tell you that the One who loves you most holds everything you need. God IS everything you need and He’s right here.

Don’t give up on this Father who has never given up on you. Don’t stop believing in this God who has never stopped believing in you.

Friend, God hears you. He REALLY hears you. Keep on asking. Don’t you dare give up! For comments or prayer, contact Dr. Lanier at www.HopeCommunityChurch.tv.






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