10 Tips for Instagram Marketing in 2021




Since launching in 2010, Instagram has grown and evolved into one of the top visual sharing apps in the world! With over 1 billion monthly active users, it’s easy to assume just about everyone who reads this article uses the platform in some capacity. Whether you’re promoting a business or your own personal brand, these tips will help you get the most out of Instagram in 2021!

  • Select the correct account type
    • Instagram has three profile types: personal, creator, and business. Each type varies in tools and features, so choosing the right one is key in determining your Instagram strategy. This can be adjusted in your settings.
  • Optimize your bio
    • Think of your bio as your first impression. Keep it short yet informative with your name or business name, a short description, and location. You can also add one link, or you can set up a “Link in Bio” that allows you to add multiple links for your content. Later.com is one good option for this.
  • Establish an aesthetic
    • Having some form of consistent aesthetic in your content, such as a color-scheme, filter, or pattern, can be more appealing to your audience, help brand recognition, and create the vibe you want to convey.
  • Use high-quality, properly sized creatives
    • Instagram is a visual content social platform, so it’s important that the pictures and videos you post be high-quality and sized correctly. Canva is a great tool for editing and sizing creatives.
  • Write engaging captions
    • Whether your post is meant to be informative, compelling, or entertaining, make sure the right message for your post is conveyed through your caption while keeping length and format in mind so it’s easy to follow. Emojis and other symbols are also a fun added touch!
  • Utilize tags
    • Tagging boosts engagement, increases exposure, and creates a community. There are several different tag options for Instagram including location tags, personal/account tags, product tags, and hashtags. Acquire the habit of tagging whenever possible and you’re sure to see your content go further.
  • Post strategically
    • Determine how often you can consistently post quality content, and what posting days/times perform best with your audience. Current recommendations are one feed post per day, but the ultimate rule should always be quality over quantity.
  • Analyze Insights data
    • Instagram Insights, available for creator and business accounts, is a tool that provides analytics on your content and followers so you can better understand your audience and what they’re interested in.
  • Diversify your content
    • CEO Adam Mosseri recently announced that Instagram’s focus is no longer just “square photo-sharing” but more so entertaining through multiple forms of content. In addition to feed posts, using other features like Stories, IGTV’s, and Reels is no longer just an option, but a must.
  • Engage with others
    • Social media is a two-way street. In order to grow on Instagram, you must engage with your audience and other businesses. Responding to comments and DM’s, liking and commenting on others’ posts, and following accounts are a few ways to engage with others.

Developing a winning Instagram strategy takes time and effort, but the tips listed above will hopefully put you on the right track for success!

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