What Flower Best Captures Your Personality?

Research has shown that flowers have an immediate impact on happiness.  No brainer, right?  Flowers lift our mood, release endorphins, make us feel better when we are down or when we’re sick. Flowers make us feel special when we’ve done something good.  Flowers are beautiful and we all have our favorites.

People can be very selective when deciding which flowers to have in their homes, in their gardens, or to give as gifts to their loved ones. The choices they make can say a lot about their own personalities. Each blossom is as special as the person who admires it. What do the flowers you love say about you?

Rose – Thoughtful, Classic, Timeless

The rose is probably the most celebrated flower of all. Roses can be given to show romantic love, friendship, appreciation, sympathy, and many other emotions.  A person who loves the rose is thoughtful, elegant, and timeless. This person’s style might have a vintage flair with beautiful, bold colors.

Daffodils – Welcoming, Friendly, Fortunate

Daffodils symbolize friendship and new beginnings. People who love these flowers cherish their family and friends. They love special occasions and can be the life of any party. People who love daffodils probably love to stand out in a crowd and have a wonderful sense of style.

Peonies – Positive, In The Moment, Prosperous

Peonies symbolize happiness and prosperity. People who love these flowers enjoy life to the fullest and are also thoughtful about their future.  They encourage others to be positive and live in the moment. A peony lover’s style is elegant with soft tones and flowing fabrics.

Poppies – Creative, Happy, Bold

Like the vibrant colors of these flowers, fans of the poppy are bright, happy, bold and creative. They attract attention with their personality and draw others to them. The style of someone who loves the poppy flower is bold and colorful and always confident.

Gardenias – Sweet, Delicate, High Maintenance

Gardenia lovers are very sweet, like the fragrance of the beautiful flowers they love. However, they can also be delicate and bruise easily and may be best appreciated from a distance. A gardenia lover’s style always includes a bold, attention grabbing piece and a spritz of great smelling perfume.

Iris – Unique, Creative, Hopeful

Irises represent faith, hope, and courage. Someone who loves this flower is probably creative and inspiring. This person is also most likely wise beyond their years and someone who could be described as unique. Their style fits their personality and might be bohemian with pieces collected from traveling to fascinating places.

Daisies – Simple Pleasures, Morning Person, Loyal

The daisy symbolizes innocence, simplicity, and joy.  People who love daisies have a positive attitude and enjoy watching the sunrise. These people make others feel warm and connected in their presence. Daisy lovers make cheerful and loyal friends. Their style tends to be comfortable, simple, soft, all natural fabrics.

Tulip – Perky, Joyful, Extroverted

Tulips love the light.  They signify the beginning of spring and come in an array of colors. The person who loves tulips is likely to spread joy and to be an extroverted type. This person does not take life too seriously and has a way of keeping a get together upbeat. Their style is casual and colorful, relaxed and comfortable.

Orchids – Sophisticated, Mysterious, Glamorous

Those who love orchids have a flair of sophistication.  They are seekers of beautiful things. They have great taste, their homes are well decorated, and they enjoy the finer things in life. People who choose orchids as their favorite flower can capture everyone’s attention with their charm, although they have a tendency to be somewhat mysterious. They keep their social circle small and have simple, but stunning style.


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