Ways to Fit in Being Fit as a Working Mom

Working moms are so incredibly busy, they barely have time to think, let alone prioritize their own fitness. This can seem like an unrealistic goal to reach – being fit is for your early twenties before you have to deal with board meetings, PTA meetings, and nightly homework, right? That is where you are wrong! You may not have the time or energy to become as buff as Arnold Schwarzenegger, but that doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice your well-being just because you are raising a small human and have a full-time job. Here are some ways to fit in being fit between your work life and mom life.

Wake Up Early

If you find you don’t have enough time during the day, try expanding your day. Set your alarm a little bit earlier than normal, and get your booty shaking. If you have a gym membership, head on over there; many gyms will even offer sunrise classes that are popular with people who like to sweat before heading into the office. If running is your style, hit the pavement in your neighborhood and enjoy seeing what your part of our wonderful city looks like before most people are awake. Or, if you can’t leave the house because of kids, find a workout video online and sweat it up in the privacy of your living room. Not only will this get your workout done before you are too tired to have the motivation to do it, starting your day with adrenaline can give you an extra boost in your step for the rest of the day.

Utilize Your Lunch Break

Some corporate offices have gyms on location as a perk to employees. If you have access to one of these, you should absolutely take advantage of it over your lunch break! Even a 30-minute cardio session three times a week can make a huge difference, not only in your physical health, but your mental health, as well. If your office doesn’t have this as a perk, you can always go for a run outside, or even book a conference room over lunch and do a Tabata workout or the like.

Micro Workout Sessions

Don’t have time for a 30-minute workout session every day? Instead of doing daily traditional workout sessions, try breaking them up on some days. Take ten minutes in the morning to do some burpees and crunches before you hop in the shower. On your morning break, go for a walk with some light weights, like a ‘90s suburban mom with a high ponytail and fanny pack. Over lunch, do jumping jacks before you eat. When you get home, run laps in the backyard for 10 minutes with your kids before you start your evening routine. It may not feel as effective as doing it all in one go, but something is more than nothing, and studies have shown that even small sections of activity can make a big difference in your health, when compared to those living a sedentary lifestyle.

Get Your Kids Involved

This is the biggest way to ensure that you will maintain a healthy lifestyle when you work and have children. Thanks to the Internet, there are a ton of workout videos for free, available at the touch of a button. Younger children often enjoy Zumba videos and other videos that involve dance or lots of quick movements, while older children can often really enjoy more advanced videos with weights; just be careful and teach them about safety around working out. If it’s nice out, go for a run with them and the dog, or a bike ride around your neighborhood. Finish it off with a session of yoga; the children’s yoga can be surprisingly effective for adults, as well—and they showcase fun stories that all ages will love. Most importantly, if you get into a habit of being active with your children, they will absolutely hold you accountable.


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