The Waiting Room: Enjoying the Journey

You’re sitting in a cold waiting room waiting for your name to be called. Meanwhile, you see other folks whose name has already been called, although you’ve been waiting longer than they have. “When is it going to be my turn?” you impatiently ask yourself. This is what life looks like sometimes. You see everyone around you making moves and getting promotions, new homes, engaged and married, starting a family, and establishing a business. But you are still sitting in the “waiting room” of life waiting for something to be given to you. But what if sitting in that waiting room was just as rewarding as reaching your life goal? Here’s why the “waiting room” is so necessary.

Each day brings you closer.Every day brings something that will bring us closer to actualizing our goal. This could present itself in connecting to new people, writing in your journal and unlocking a revelation, listening to a podcast that changes your outlook on something or even having a penetrating conversation with a friend. Take advantage of what every day brings; days don’t come in vain.

Embrace the challenges along the way.Challenges may hurt, make us uncomfortable, and may potentially put us through humiliation. But they come with a promise of growth, strength, and wisdom. Just as each day brings you closer to your actualization, each challenge brings you even closer. Ask yourself this: what if every challenge you face is preparing you for what you asked for?

Listen to others who are already “there.”Where is “there,” anyway? “There” represents other people who are already walking out their purpose and living out their goals. They’ve already been through the complicated, but joyous, journey. Scope out someone who is living the life you aspire to have. Ask them about their greatest challenges and what resources they used. What are the most valuable lessons that served as their motivation? Learn from their mistakes and develop whatever positive habits that brought them to their destination.

Don’t lose patience or give up.Sometimes when we feel like we’ve been doing good work for so long with no rewards, we grow weary and contemplate giving up. Never give up on doing good, because we will reap a bountiful harvest if we stay faithful. You never know how close you are to your actualization, and you do not want to walk away right before you land on your treasure!

If you reached your destination overnight, you would be unprepared.Can you imagine graduating from college right after your first day of freshman year? What about starting that nonprofit right when the idea was planted into your brain? Therefore, we must endure the waiting period. The purpose of being in the waiting room of life is to undergo training, learning, and hands-on preparation. Waiting is for our benefit!

Keep your final goal in mind as you’re waiting.This is the revving engine that keeps you moving forward. If you run out of gas, refill yourself with prayer, rest, meditation, and motivation. Time spent in the waiting room will help you determine how to materialize that clear image inside of your mind. Sometimes that image may change, but when it does, know that it only means you are learning and applying new things in life. Sometimes that image may look like it’s fading when you lose patience or become discouraged. If it’s meant to be, nothing will get in the way of that; it is yours!

Take calculated risks.That doesn’t mean sliding down a ski slope with no gear. It means taking wise risks. Do something you’ve always wanted to do but been afraid to because you’re afraid of others judging you or worry about embarrassing yourself. Take the kind of risks that you know will sharpen your character. For instance, if you’re shy, take a dance class, a public speaking course, or apply for a job you know involves more verbal communication than you’re comfortable with. The result of taking these calculated risks will train you in such a way that you will be more prepared for the future.

There’s so much to gain while sitting in the “waiting room.” But while waiting, you can guarantee that your name will be called soon.



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