Vista Realty: Improving Your View for 40 Years!

Vista Realty: Improving Your View for 40 Years!


It is no small feat to maintain a family business for 40 years. Vista has thrived as a respected member of Winston-Salem’s robust and competitive real estate community.

In November of 1979, 40 years ago this month, Paul Mullican and Don Caudle were a part of the movement to develop affordable housing in the suburban areas around Winston-Salem. With their wives, Barbara Caudle and Darla Mullican leading the helm, a partnership was formed to manage those properties. When other members of the Winston-Salem building and development community saw their efficiency and success, they were approached to manage additional properties. Never one to pass opportunity by, Vista Realty was officially established. They started a family business that grew to be a leader in the local property management industry and to provide rental investment opportunities across the triad.

After thirty years of dedication and success, the Mullicans confidently passed operations of Vista Realty over to their daughter, Heather Coleman. Heather had worked at Vista every summer of her childhood. Her passion for real estate and business administration found its natural match when she formally joined the company after getting her MBA in 1999. Now, as President, Heather and her team of dedicated Vista employees have grown the company to include the management of thousands of apartment properties, a multitude of homeowners associations, and an ever growing number of single family rental homes. They have earned a stellar reputation of wading a sometimes tricky investor real estate market to protect their clients’ interests and assets.

Spend five minutes with the employees of Vista Realty and it is clear what sets them apart from other property management businesses and other small businesses in general: loyalty. Of the fourteen employees of Vista Realty, nine have given over twelve years of service to the company. Mary Cash has been running the show as office manager for 19 years. Angelia Mauldin started as a receptionist in 1990 and today finds herself as the Director of Property Management and Sales. Sharon Hill, a property manager since 1992, is Vista’s leader for all other property managers. She trains them to serve their communities with the same efficiency and compassion she has shown in her own communities for nearly 30 years. Maricela Castro was hired as a property manager in 2008 and has recently joined Angelia Maudlin as an in-house broker, representing tenants in their pursuit of homeownership.

Heather attributes Vista’s success to her staff’s loyalty and longevity, “Our staff and employees are my number one priority. Clients and tenants are, of course important, but without protecting the trustworthiness, compassion, and respectfulness of my staff, we couldn’t foster our dedication to customer service and our devotion to community.”

The most valuable lesson Heather has learned in her ten years of leading the company is to delegate responsibilities to those trusted staff members and maintain an open line of communication. In her view, this feeds back into the role of Vista as an advocate for all their clients, tenants and owners alike, “Empowering others and trusting them to make decisions has made this entire team strong and confident.”

After 40 years, it would be easy to focus on what’s already working and stick with property management, but Vista Realty hasn’t been around this long without keeping a close watch for opportunities to come. The future lies in building relationships with tenants. Angelia Maudlin shares, “As property managers, we make every effort to ‘hand-show’ our available properties. We want to be there for tenants, from the very beginning of the rental application process to solving work orders and maintenance issues, and then finally as a representative and trusted source in their search for a forever home.” Heather has assembled a team of knowledgeable and dedicated real estate professionals that are as eager as she is to launch this new chapter in the development of an outside sales department at Vista Realty. With Heather continuing her role as Broker in Charge, Angelia Maudlin, Maricela Castro, and Susan Fishel will go beyond representing investors in purchasing rental properties. They will also be there for tenants in their pursuit of becoming homeowners themselves.

Taking advantage of this milestone 40th anniversary, expect to see exciting changes at Vista Realty. A new, updated website is set to be launched in November, and several community outreach programs are planned to give thanks to the communities who have been the cornerstone of Vista’s journey. There is also focus on what the next generation of the Vista Realty family may bring to the next 40 years. Vista Realty is a woman-led company, comprised solely of women, many of whom are mothers, and there is always an eye to the future.





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