The Ultimate Movie Snacks – Couples Edition

After a long day of hard work, a movie date night sounds pretty good right now. Tossing your softest blankets on the sofa to cuddle up with your best friend as you decide on comedy or drama. However, the real question comes into play when deciding what delicious snacks you’ll be nibbling on tonight. Enjoy these healthier, low-calorie movie snacks that’ll upgrade your next date night.

Exceptional Classics

  • Satisfy those salty cravings with crunchy, made-at-home popcorn. A classic that can never be turned down during a movie session! Whether popping in the microwave or on stovetop, lightly drizzle your plain popcorn with extra virgin olive oil and season with sea salt. Or try out a new combination such as ground cinnamon and maple syrup, or grated parmesan and black pepper.
  • If your typical go-to sugary movie snack is gummies or sours, try this sweet-tart alternative of frozen grapes to satisfy those cravings with a more natural choice. They’re crisp, cool, and easy to pop in your mouth as you keep your eyes on the tv screen.
  • Tired of popcorn? Try replacing those corn kernels with crunchy chickpeas or edamame! Before you shove this delicious alternative to the side, you have to give it at least one try. Simply toss your drained beans with a little olive oil and sea salt, then roast until crunchy. Toss with cumin and cayenne pepper for a savory edge.

Salty Bites

  • If you’re a big fan of those concession stand nachos, then you’re about to fall in love with these Mexican Street-Style Nachos that are made with real ingredients. Simply begin with a pile of crunchy tortilla chips. Then, top those tortillas with shredded cheese, corn, cayenne pepper, and lime juice. Broil in the oven until the cheese is ooey-gooey goodness, about 1-2 minutes. Top with additional lime slices and garnish with freshly chopped cilantro. In a similar manner, tortillas chips and guacamole are always a truly delicious classic!
  • Assembling a Cheeseboard for movie date night is an enjoyable and effortless way of consuming your daily protein, fiber, and healthy fats. Naturally arrange your favorite, small-portion sized, cheeses on a board with dried or fresh fruit, sliced meats, roasted nuts, and so on. An exceptional cheeseboard example consists of dried figs, sliced fresh pears, roasted walnuts and almonds, local honey, sliced prosciutto, baked brie, sliced Gouda, aged blue cheese, and plain crackers.

Sweet Eats

  • A perfect, thoughtful date night surprise for your beloved is Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries made by yours truly. Choosing a quality dark chocolate will not only complement the fresh, crisp strawberries with a richer flavor, but also add a scrumptious source of antioxidants. Dark chocolate may lower blood pressure, improve brain function, and reduce heart disease risks. Try a delectable assortment of chocolate-dipped melon slices, strawberries, and orange slices. Or skip the dark chocolate and wrap those melon slices in prosciutto drizzled with a little honey.
  • While we are on the topic of why you should eat dark chocolate, try drizzling a little melted dark chocolate and creamy almond butter on top of your plain (and popped) popcorn kernels. Toss in a few M&Ms or toasted coconut shavings for a little added celebration. That wasn’t too hard! This Chocolate Almond Butter Popcorn will satisfy all those sweet-salty cravings.
  • Warm your heart with this Baked Apple and Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Simply remove the core of a sweet-tart apple, Granny Smith Green or Honeycrisp apples are recommended. Then, bake the apples at 400°F until tender. Top with a little cinnamon and vanilla bean ice cream for a little bite of Heaven.

No need to feel guilty or stuck in a never-ending battle of choosing water over snacks! Try out these healthier, low-calorie movie date night snacks that will have you never wanting to leave the sofa.


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