Treasures for Every Soul at The Barn on Country Club



Step inside the welcoming main entrance of The Barn on Country Club, and you step into a nostalgic showplace that is both inspiring and full of warmth. And that’s before you even encounter the friendly owner and her team and experience their “old school customer service” philosophy.

The Barn on Country Club, an antique, vintage furniture and collectible store, opened in January 2016 as a result of owner Renee Floyd’s love of what she calls “old soul” décor items and furniture.  Together with her life partner, Mark, and business partner, Alena, Renee delights in talking with customers about what items they are seeking, large or small. In fact, she makes it a point to offer items at every price point so that every shopper can leave the store enjoying a found treasure.

But if a bigger something is what you have in mind, look no further!  Mark will create a custom, handcrafted solid wood farm table with a pair of benches that will delight you and become an instant family heirloom! When I asked Renee how Mark became a craftsman, she said he had been “piddling with woodworking,” and before they knew it, his creations were the main draw bringing customers into The Barn.

Perhaps you, like so many people, appreciate the way high-quality paint can breathe new life into old furniture pieces. And yet, you know that taking it on as a DIY project might be more than you are ready to tackle. At The Barn on Country Club, they offer a terrific selection of painted furniture available for sale and also feature painting services so that you can have one of their gifted staff customize your existing piece.

Looking for a unique piece of art to add personality and color to your home? Introducing Alena, the resident artist at The Barn.

Alena, originally from Belarus, has an associate degree in interior design that pairs nicely with her impressive talents with a paintbrush and other mediums.  Alena’s art has no borders, and you’re as likely to find a cool oil and acrylic original painting as you are an engraved wood piece that features metal or glass beads.

Most retail specialty shops might be satisfied to offer the fabulous items described above and call it a day.  Not Renee and her team at The Barn!  Walk through the eclectic aisles and continue upstairs, and you’re going to be immediately charmed by the vintage signs, glowing neon advertising, tobacco baskets, record albums, old hardware, and collectibles – just to name a handful of the items I enjoyed during my visit.

So, where does this unique and colorful mix of items come from? When I asked this question, Renee, who handles all the buying, immediately picked up her phone and mimicked a very recognizable “finger scroll.”  This entrepreneur never really stops working and that work consists of scrolling through auction websites, downsizing sales, and more to find great pieces that can be cleaned up and given a new home. Not quite sure how to make something work in your home?  Renee offers personal consultations, and The Barn provides delivery service, too!  And not some generic pickup truck with a crew of brawny delivery guys – Renee is not afraid to gingerly hoist your treasure onto the lift of her box truck and head your way herself!

Naturally, we briefly discussed the 2020 pandemic and how it affected business at The Barn.  Luckily, thanks to the engagement of her customers on social media, Renee reports that they had a very good year!  All credit cannot be given to Facebook, though!  Renee’s sincere appreciation and care for her clientele comes through in our conversation.  Shoppers and friends would mask up and carve out time to visit The Barn, where they could count on a warm welcome and a compassionate chat.

When not scouring the internet for new treasures or creating one-of-a-kind furniture, Renee and Mark stay connected with the five adult children that they have between them, five grandchildren (another coming in June) and Lucy and JoJo, their Labranese and Husky four-legged babies.

For more information about The Barn on Country Club, or to schedule your consultation, visit,, and


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