Transform Yourself from Busy Girl Boss to Bombshell with Jolie Boudoir


Need a boost of confidence before hitting the beach this summer? There’s no better way to feel sexy and secure with your body than by seeing yourself in a whole new light. Book a boudoir photoshoot with Jolie Boudoir to learn to love your body and reconnect with your sensual side.

As an experienced and nationally published photographer, Kira Wood has always taken an interest in all things creative since she was a small child. In the early 2000s, Kira took up photography on a whim and decided to enroll in a film photography class at the Sawtooth Center. Soon enough, she began working for a photography company specializing in church directory portraits, allowing her to travel up and down the east coast. She began incorporating wedding and family photography into the mix, transitioned over to digital photography, and began assisting other photographers with lighting. When Kira realized that she was no longer passionate about photographing weddings and families, her close friend suggested that she dip her toes into the water of boudoir photography.

Hesitant at first, Kira was not convinced that boudoir photography would become her new niche. After a bit of convincing from her friend, along with a trial boudoir photoshoot just for fun, Kira rapidly realized that boudoir photography was the spice she was missing in her photography career.

Due to the nature of boudoir photoshoots, many clients are initially nervous upon entering the studio. At Jolie Boudoir, the goal of Kira and her team is to make clients feel as relaxed and confident as possible. Pre-shoot consultations in-person or over the phone also help clients get a feel for what to expect the day of the photoshoot. Because Kira wants all clients to feel pampered and to have a spa-like experience while preparing for their photos to be taken, Kira’s hair and makeup team are professionals at simultaneously glamorizing their clients and making them feel at ease.

“Everyone is a little nervous until they sit down for hair and makeup,” explains Kira. “The day of the photoshoot, it feels like you are chatting with a bunch of girlfriends.”

Jolie Boudoir knows just how to capture clients in their best light. According to Kira, “Most people are shocked and pleasantly surprised by how great they look when they finally see the photos.” One reason clients in search of boudoir photos choose Jolie Boudoir is Kira’s ability to make anyone and everyone look their best through posing, angles, and lighting. To help perfect her craft, Kira has attended numerous in-person workshops specializing in posing, which sets her apart as a seasoned boudoir photographer.

While many photographers have been foregoing Photoshop or heavy retouching of models in recent years to present a more realistic body image to others, Jolie Boudoir stands by its practice of light retouching of photos and use of Photoshop. Kira aspires to make clients feel like they are seeing the best version of themselves in their photographs; a bit of skin smoothing in photographs enhances clients’ natural beauty, along with the quality of the photographs they receive following the shoot. Rarely, if ever, does Kira change clients’ body shapes in photographs; when it comes to subtle editing and Photoshop at Jolie Boudoir, a little goes a long way.

Jolie Boudoir photographs clients of all ages and sizes. While many individuals believe boudoir photos are typically given to one’s significant other, Kira has found that a large number of her clients are solely having boudoir photos taken as a gift to themselves. One of the most rewarding aspects of Kira’s career as a boudoir photographer is seeing her clients’ reactions to their photos. Kira explains, “Seeing someone feeling empowered and brought to tears after a photoshoot because she had never considered herself to be sexy is the reason why I chose boudoir photography as my specialty. Women are always comparing themselves to each other, and we don’t get that boost of confidence often enough.”

Interested in booking your boudoir photoshoot with Jolie Boudoir? Look to book with Kira and her team up to three months in advance to secure your spot. Check availability, view pricing, and read more about Jolie Boudoir online at

To see more of Kira’s work, check out Jolie Boudoir on Facebook and follow @jolieboudoirnc on Instagram. The Jolie Boudoir studio is located at 300 S. Liberty Street, Suite 205, Winston-Salem, NC 27101.


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