Top 10 Fall Beauty Tips from Five Plastic Surgeons and Four Staff Members at Forsyth Plastic Surgery


Before you know it, we’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas together, heading out to parties and reuniting with friends and family members we may not have seen for quite some time. So we asked the board-certified plastic surgeons and aestheticians at Forsyth Plastic Surgery and The VISTA for their Top 10 Fall Beauty Tips to help us look fantastic now and into the new year. And we think you’ll be interested in what they had to say.

L-R: Dr. John Fagg, Dr. Gil Kingman, Dr. George Lawson III and Dr. Leslie Branch

Tip #1 – Don’t stop using your sunscreen. As board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Gil Kingman says, “Even though summer is over, it’s important to still think about sunblock. The sun can cause aging, wrinkling, redness, and loss of elasticity, even in the fall and winter.” Dr. Kingman recommends finding a sunscreen that you like that’s not greasy, and you don’t mind putting on every day. He says, “EltaMD is one we recommend and sell in our MedSpa The VISTA.”

Tip #2 – Plan recovery time after treatments. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Andy Schneider says, “Think about when you’re going to be going to parties, what you’re going to be doing and when you’re going on vacation — and give yourself a couple of weeks to recover from anything we do, whether it be a small injection, a Botox treatment or a chemical peel.” Dr. Schneider also notes that many patients prefer to have their surgeries over the holidays when it’s easier to take time off work and not rush the recovery period. He says, “Just give yourself two to four weeks to recover — or whatever amount of time your doctor recommends — and plan your appointments or surgeries accordingly.”

Tip #3 – Get a fall peel. Dr. Leslie Branch, another board-certified plastic surgeon at Forsyth Plastic Surgery says, “We have some medical-grade peels that can really kickstart your skin for the next season and can help prime your skin right before the holidays and Christmas. She also recommends medical-grade, clinically proven skincare products to help smooth skin texture, encourage cell turnover and correct pigmentation issues.

Tip #4 – Consider laser resurfacing this time of year. As Dr. Gil Kingman says,” This is a good time for people to consider a procedure like laser resurfacing because as the weather gets cooler they might be outdoors a little bit less and they’ll have more time to recover.” Dr. Kingman notes that laser resurfacing can be done under local anesthesia, and he says, “It’s generally tolerated very well and after a little downtime, it can give some quite striking results.”

Tip #5 – Book surgeries in the fall for full recovery by next summer. Dr. George Lawson III, another board-certified plastic surgeon at Forsyth Plastic Surgery says, “Fall is a great time to book surgical procedures. Our five board-certified plastic surgeons and experienced nurses can guide you through a smooth recovery and have you ready for warmer weather in the spring and summer.” Dr. Gil Kingman agrees. He says, “A lot of the body contouring that we do is really good for any time of the year, but if you plan your procedure or treatment for the fall, you’ll certainly be set for beach season next year.”

Tip #6 – Start small. Dr. Kingman says, “People who are new to plastic surgery may want to start with something small. For example, upper eyelids can be done under local anesthesia and can make a huge difference with a very short recovery time for patients with excessive skin around the eyes.” Dr. John Fagg, another board-certified plastic surgeon at the practice says, “Whatever surgical procedure you’re considering, make sure the surgeon is board-certified. That’s really important.”

Tip #7 – Consider Botox or injectables to smooth wrinkles and add volume. Dr. Leslie Branch sees great results with Botox and other injectables. She says, “Botox can really help smooth out wrinkles in your upper face. Fillers are great to add volume and help diminish fine lines and wrinkles on the lower face.”

Tip #8 – Book your appointments well in advance. Trish Welch, Cosmetic Concierge at The VISTA says, “We’re booking patients all the way through the new year. It’s so smart to call and book your Botox or injectables early so you can get the days and times that work best for your schedule.” Dr. Leslie Branch agrees. She recommends patients go ahead and book their appointments and allow for 2-4 weeks of recovery time before any big event like a wedding or another important occasion.

Tip #9 – Look for budget-friendly reward programs during the fall. Danielle Lampky, one of the Cosmetic Concierges at The VISTA says, “I always recommend our patients sign up for rewards programs like Allē from Allergan or Premier Points from Obagi. Before the holidays you may find some special perks like double points. And these can really add up!”

Tip #10 – Discover some of the new lash and brow products that are new to the market. Gina Racca, head aesthetician at The VISTA says, “Obagi recently introduced Nu-Cil for lashes, and it’s been very popular to help thicken lashes and make them longer. They also have a new brow booster that we’re seeing great results with.” Kinsley Nix, another aesthetician at The VISTA says, “We also offer microblading for thin eyebrows and semi-permanent makeup solutions for patients who want to have beautiful brows and expertly applied eyeliner that lasts all day and all night with no reapplying. It’s just so much easier if you have shaky hands or no time to keep perfecting your makeup.”


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