Time To Get Toned

So you’re going to the gym and eating right, and yet you still can’t quite get those toned abs you desire. Time to give up hope?

The professionals at Forsyth Plastic Surgery [FPS] say, “Don’t give up – we now have CoolTone by CoolSculpting.”

“Our new CoolTone machine brings the latest technology to body sculpting,” says Dr. John Fagg, one of the partners at Forsyth Plastic Surgery. “Using powerful, but safe, magnets, our CoolTone technology stimulates your muscles to strengthen and enlarge them, leading to a more toned look.”

Forsyth Plastic Surgery is the first plastic surgery practice in the area to feature CoolTone, which can not only tone abdominal muscles but also your thighs and buttocks. The machine is one of the many new technologies at The VISTA, the practice’s new center for face and body rejuvenation.

“We’ll start with whatever area you want to focus on,” says Dr. Andy Schneider, another partner at FPS. “When you come to The VISTA you’ll meet with our highly trained staff and be evaluated for this new technology. If you want to focus on the buttocks, then we will start there.”

CoolTone treatments are not painful and last just 30 minutes. During the treatments, your muscles are intensely stimulated using CoolTone’s patented Magnetic Muscle Stimulation technology. For maximum benefit, you will need to do four treatments in a 2-week period.

“Once you have your four treatments, you’ll need to maintain that tone by doing occasional treatments,” says Dr. Gil Kingman. “Nothing is permanent, so most patients will come in monthly.”

Dr. George Lawson says that CoolTone works very well with CoolSculpting. “Sometimes, we’ll start with CoolSculpting to get rid of your unwanted fat,” he explains. “And then we will move onto CoolTone.”

Some patients, however, may not need CoolSculpting and will come in primarily for toning. “It’s important to understand that this does not take the place of exercise and a healthy lifestyle,” says Dr. Leslie Branch. “But this is great technology for those areas that are just not responding to your best effort.”

Lead aesthetician Gina Racca sums it up this way: “This is not for people who are resistant to exercise, but rather for those areas of the body that are resistant to the exercise you are already doing.”

For more information, contact Forsyth Plastic Surgery’s The VISTA at 336-765-8620 and visit forsythplasticsurgery.com or thevistanc.com.


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