The Woman’s Ultimate Personal Space, The She-Shed!


Move over man cave; women also need a space dedicated to their hobbies and interests, or merely a place for relaxation. It truly doesn’t matter why a woman wants a backyard hideaway; the she-shed can define the female sanctum dedicated to her specific needs! Women, all across the country, are converting old sheds or shopping for cozy little buildings and saying, “That’ll do!”

The Best Space

Not all houses have the available space to fulfill the needs of an office, art studio or simple potting shed; yet, the possibilities of size and upgrades offer a practical option to every woman’s dream. Mary Sue McDaniel is just one example in thousands. She was tired of sewing in the basement of her home. It was a cold and dark space. In seeking an expansion, Mary Sue opted not to seek professional help; instead, she kept costs low by purchasing a 10X20 garden storage shed. With the help of family and friends, she installed insulation, sheetrock, flooring, a tin roof and electricity. Shopping at thrift stores and clearance racks added a personal touch of tables, shelving and lighting. The transformation upgraded her location and brought forth creative inspiration to the art of sewing.

Affordable Options

Knowing a friend who has their very own she-shed quickly infuses an inner passion to get started! Reach out to family and friends to discuss your plans for building a one-of-a-kind getaway. Fortunately, the backyard cottage isn’t necessarily rooted in large expenses. Thrifty women can find fantastic deals just by researching and keeping an open mind.

  • Do you have a neglected shed or unused child’s playhouse? Even if the building is initially small, you can expand the size at a relatively low cost and not worry about a building permit if you are within the city limits.
  • Most small building kits, whether made from plastic, wood or metal, allow buyers to upgrade. In reading the fine print, most DIY endeavors lack the materials for a sturdy floor and excludes roofing. With carpentry skills, you can shop for select items, such as a metal or tin roof, or additional window while meeting a budget.
  • Every shed and carport manufacturer offers perfectly good structures at a tremendous discount. Perhaps the customized unit was turned down after purchase. Ask about the availability to purchase scrapped wood, tin and metal roofing. You’ll be surprised at the wide-selection of sizes and colors at a low price.
  • Look for a blueprint and build your own! Happy she-shed owners minimalized the cost by adding salvaged, old windows and doors to create a well-lit potting shed, greenhouse or glass sunroom.
  • Google social media sites for available buildings. You might find an unusual container, such as a salvaged silo, a Connex container, a portable barn or oversized carport! Secondhand structures include the amazing find just waiting for you to say, “That’s it!”
  • Purchasing a pre-made wood or metal building offers shoppers the availability to customize flooring and roofing materials, and the location and quantity of doors and windows.
  • Extend the space by 10 feet by adding a covered lean-to on opposing sides of your structure. While not a luxury space featuring air conditioning, it can remain open or enclosed to keep various supplies dry.
  • Shop at flea markets and antique shops to purchase inexpensive items, such as doors, windows, lighting, tables, benches and chairs!

Why wait? You can transform an old building or erect a new structure for your very own personal needs! There are no rules when it comes to creating the perfect she-shed. With four walls, a floor and roof, it will become a place of peace and creativity!


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