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The news is out: I’m retiring!  Well…sort of.  Actually, “stepping back” is probably a better way to put it, and my beautiful, intelligent, talented and accomplished daughter, Brooke Eagle, is “stepping forward” to take on my role.  You can read about the plans for our transition on pages 48-51.  Brooke, is more than capable of leading the magazine into the future, and I’m excited to remain a part of Forsyth Woman, but hand over the reins to her for the front and center position!   It’s going to be an amazing transition for both of us!

I feel very blessed to be able to keep this business in our family. Those closest to me know that I won’t be far, and will still be involved with my accounts and a few things Brooke and I will be figuring out as we go. I will also be available to Brooke and Robin as needed, as well, and of course I will attend Girls’ Night Out events, team parties, celebrations, etc. As I’ve told the Forsyth Magazines team – they can’t get rid of me that easily!  We announced this news to them in early July, and they have overwhelmed me with their love and support.  I am so thankful for their hard work and loyalty to Forsyth Magazines!

To say that Forsyth Woman is, and has been, my baby is an understatement (not to take away from my REAL babies – Brooke and Tanner).  Countless hours have been invested in these magazines and the years have certainly flown by. It’s crazy to think that we started as a 24-page, partially black & white publication on news print paper, and have evolved into a 148-page, full color, gloss publication. It has been quite the ride. Add onto that, being able to work along-side Robin, my ‘sister’ and friend of nearly 25 years, to create our sister publication Forsyth Family has also been an enormous blessing!

I want to give a huge shout out to our friend and this month’s cover photographer, Jon Eric Johnson of JEJ Photos.  While Brooke is a natural in front of a camera, I have never been.  I get impatient and adopt that “Are we there yet?” mentality of a kid on a long car ride!  But Jon Eric always makes things so easy and (dare I say it?)  FUN!  He’s a perfectionist and went above and beyond to make our shoot perfect. After all, we’ve been waiting for this cover for a long while.  (We also seized the opportunity to get some updated family portraits while we were all together– Tim and Tanner were great sports, and even the puppies had a great time).

As we go through this transformation and adapt to some new norms, I’m thankful for the continued support of our advertising partners and readers!  Next month, I turn this column over to Brooke, just in time for the official start of our 16th year and 192nd issue!  I know that you’re in great hands, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Forsyth Woman.

My sincere love and gratitude to each of you!




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