The Publisher Perspective: July 2022


Being on the water is my happy place. Maybe it’s because I’m a Pisces or maybe it’s because I have a lot of great childhood memories on or near the water. Probably a bit of both.

This past weekend, I was on the water with my brother and his girlfriend when all of a sudden, we realized something was very wrong. The boat we were on was sinking. About 3 feet of water was inside the area where the boat engine is and the water was quickly rising. The engine was getting bogged down with water and the boat wouldn’t go more than 7 or 8 mph. Thankfully, we weren’t too far away from the dock and we were able to get the boat on the lift and drain out the water before it was too late. It was scary, but it could’ve been so much worse. What if we were on the other side of the lake?! What if we had had a dog(s) or someone who wasn’t a good swimmer on the boat? What if my brother hadn’t been there? The latter question is the scariest—I’m not sure how I would’ve handled that situation without him if I’m being honest.

An unfortunate situation? Absolutely. The end of the world? No.

This boat situation got me thinking that this mindset can apply to so much in life. You may feel like your metaphorical boat is sinking, but is it really? Is it a bad 5 minutes that you are turning into a bad day or a bad week? Is it the end of the world? Probably not. I’m a big believer in mindset. Mindset can make or break a situation, your day, your relationships… your life! This is your sign to consider putting some extra effort into shifting your mindset to a more positive one. It’ll be worth it, I promise.



We have some great content in this issue that I cannot wait for you to read! Click HERE read an article on manifestation. This topic goes hand in hand with shifting your mindset and is a really impactful read.

Be sure to join us at Butcher & Bull on Thursday July 14th for Girls’ Night Out! This one is extra special because we’ll be celebrating KeeKee’s birthday! (Keela Johnson, the founder of Forsyth Woman and also my beautiful mom!). Reservations are highly recommended and if you came to GNO at MidTown this past month—you’ll see why! Wow! We had a huge crowd and it was such a blast. Learn more about our July GNO event on Facebook and Instagram!

We are thrilled to feature ROAR this month for the Forsyth Mags Foodie Review! From tacos to burgers to charcuterie… this place literally has it all! Read the full review HERE and if you haven’t already, be sure to follow us on Instagram @forsythmags to see “behind the scenes” videos of our foodie reviews.

Wishing you a happy and healthy month of July!

All my best,



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