The Gift of Hearing: When It’s Not Just for You


We often take our senses for granted. We may absentmindedly appreciate the colors of a sunset…. Our sense of touch provides comfort and affection from our friends and loved ones…. Our sense of taste enables us to enjoy delicious meals with our family…. Without even thinking about it, our sense of smell may trigger memories from bygone years…. And, our sense of hearing – how often we take for granted the ability to hear the voices of those we love. Like all our senses, we undervalue these gifts until we realize they are slipping away.

The gift of hearing, though, is one that doesn’t have to be lost. Dr. Anna Nichols of Nichols Hearing and Audiology specializes in helping patients combat their hearing loss. “Our motto is ‘Hear Well, Live Well,’ Anna explained. “We stand by the importance of audiological health and the impact on our patients’ quality of life.”

For many – the loss of hearing is not something that only affects them. It affects their family and friends. “Those with hearing loss often disengage from conversations. They can’t hear what is being said, so fellowship with others is disrupted,” Anna said. “It doesn’t have to be this way. While taking care of hearing health is very personal for the patient, it’s actually a gift to their family.

“After a decade of experience, it still breaks my heart to see how some people struggle with hearing difficulties,” shared Anna. “It affects everything. While some hearing losses are permanent, the technology and resources we have today can make a huge difference for our patients. In addition, we don’t want anyone to feel excluded from conversations with their friends and loved ones because of hearing challenges. We have so many options that can readily and easily correct those situations. After all, if you’ve spent a lifetime with a close bond with your parent or grandparent, and a progressive hearing loss causes them to become withdrawn and isolated, it may feel confusing, hurtful or even create misunderstandings in the relationship.”

There are so many great options to help correct hearing and enable patients to reconnect with those around them. Anna said, “When people invest in their hearing health, they give their loved ones as much, if not more, than they receive. They give their engaged presence. They give their ability to share more stories. They give the gift of shared laughter and great conversation.

“At Nichols Hearing and Audiology, every treatment plan is personalized to our patients. We work with individuals to create proactive, preventative solutions as well as offer treatment for existing hearing loss. In addition, we enjoy getting to know our patients, knowing that the end result is about to make a significant impact in their lives.”

Anna encourages those who are starting to experience muffled sounds, having difficulty understanding words or constantly adjusting the volume on the radio or television to seek an evaluation. “We pride ourselves on listening to our patients,” Anna said. “There are solutions available.”

Nichols Hearing and Audiology is located at 3640 Westgate Center Circle, Suite B, in Winston-Salem. Call the office at 336.842.3437. Visit Be sure to like the practice on Facebook and follow on Instagram (@nicholshearingandaudiology).

Some important things to remember:

  1. A hearing test is painless and will take less than an hour of your time.
  2. Most insurance plans cover one hearing test per year.
  3. Hearing tests may help detect other health concerns before they become problems.
  4. Being proactive about your hearing health today can reap long-term benefits tomorrow and in years to come.
  5. People are five times more likely to develop dementia and other cognitive diseases from untreated hearing loss.

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