The ART Beat of Forsyth Woman: Elizabeth H. Myers |  Watercolor Artist

This month’s featured artist, Elizabeth H. Myers, has both passion and talent for capturing everything from love stories and legacies to milestones and everyday magical moments in her one-of-a-kind watercolor prints and portraits.

How would you describe your work?

I truly enjoy capturing the essence and uniqueness of each home and making that the heart and focus of the painting. My focus is on capturing the color palette and details of the main object I am recreating for my customers. My style works with white space and uses it to complement the focal point of the painting. For instance, with my house portraits, I embody all the unique characteristics of the home and focus on them as well as making aspects like the landscaping vibrant and colorful.

What influences your art most?

As someone who has a creative eye, I am constantly on the lookout for things that inspire a piece of artwork. Things in even our day-to-day lives can stand out as something that would transfer well to paper. An example of this would be one of my home décor style designs, which is a simple blue KitchenAid mixer. This piece is just one of many paintings that have been inspired by items that you would find around your home! I think that is what is really special about art; anything and everything can be an inspiration. It just might take seeing it a certain way at a certain time!  

How have you evolved, personally, as an artist?

Looking back and seeing where I started in my watercolor journey is simply amazing. Four years ago when I first started painting as a hobby, I truly never envisioned myself being where I am today! Just a few months ago I was able to quit my full time job to pursue my art business as a career. This itself shows how much I have been able to grow over the years. It is such a blessing and I am so grateful to be living out my dream! Painting is truly a God given talent I never knew I had!

Time has allowed me to grow, learn new techniques that work well for me, and understand watercolor even more. My styles have changed and improved with each piece along the way. It is so neat to look back at how my paintings looked in the beginning and then to see how they look now!

What is your favorite thing about creating such personal, special pieces?

My custom house portraits are by far my favorite style of painting that I create. These are so humbling to be able to paint for my clients because houses, in most cases, are so much more than just that. A home is one of the most personal and special places you can have in your life. The walls of a home hold memories, tell a story and provide a safe space where one can be fully authentic – it’s where love grows and is nourished! To be able to be a part of this and help tell someone’s story is truly remarkable and I am so thankful for each and every one I have had the honor of painting.  

How do you carve out time to be creative?

Working full time for myself has opened a whole new world of opportunity for painting! It is amazing being able to fill the entire day by working on projects I enjoy and I am excited about. Each day is different depending on what steps need to be completed, but overall it has been really easy to stay motivated! When you get the chance to do a job you love, it really doesn’t even feel like “work” and for this I am so very grateful!

What are you working on that excites you right now?

Since we are coming up on the holiday rush, I am most excited about the challenge of getting all of my Christmas orders fulfilled! Every Christmas, my list grows and this holiday season is a busy one! For me, the hustle and bustle is just part of the fun! It is exhilarating and brings me such joy. Knowing that a special house portrait, love story or framed piece will be given to a loved one at Christmas is the fuel I need to get it all done and make it happen!

What is one piece of advice you’d like to share with fellow artists?

An important thing to remember when you are just getting started as an artist, or even for artists who have been in the business a long time, never give up. Some days can be harder than others and artist block can be a real thing! If you stay dedicated and keep pushing through it is all worth it in the end. For artists that are just starting up and dipping their toes in the water, don’t be afraid to put yourself and your product out there! Don’t give in to the fear, lies and intimidation that can steal the fun out of creating unique and beautiful artwork! You were made for this!  

If you are interested in learning more about Elizabeth, you can follow her on Instagram @e.hollanddesigns. You can also check out her work locally at Twin City Euro at 3480 Vest Mill Road in the “shop local” corner in their lobby.


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