The AmeriLife Difference:  Getting to Know Ashley Pruitt Lawson


AmeriLife is a company that operates with the tagline, “We make people’s lives better – and we’re proud of it.”  And for local AmeriLife agent Ashley Pruitt Lawson, it’s a motto she embraces with enthusiasm.

“People are unique, so insurance should never be considered one-size-fits-all.  And in my industry, I see that approach all the time.  Not only do those customers often not get the kind of coverage they really need, but they also pay more than they should.  My approach is different.  I don’t want to sell a product.  I am offering a service.”

This married mom of three is a woman of integrity, who is funny, kind, compassionate, and a caring professional who utilizes her industry expertise to make things easier for other people.  “While insurance is our business, in many ways, we are retirement planners.  Retirement brings far more change than simply not working.  It’s a transition of management of essential services most often provided by employers.  From managing pensions, 401k, health insurance, etc. – my role includes walking my customers through the process.  Together, we remove the overwhelming aspect and replace it with solutions that fit their lifestyle and budget.”

Ashley continued, “I always tell my clients – a good retirement plan starts with a good health plan.  That’s because one in two people will go bankrupt because of medical bills.  That is a travesty because there is nothing more valuable than our health.  I want my clients to be financially secure, and that includes security during a medical emergency or an unexpected diagnosis.

“One of the ways we go about tailoring a package to a customer’s needs is to evaluate every situation,” Ashley said.  “There are so many resources out there and so many levels of care.  I work with people at every end of the spectrum – from Medicare to millionaires.  And I have yet to meet anyone, no matter where they are on the financial spectrum, who doesn’t care about doing things cost-effectively.  In my job, I won’t take ‘no coverage available’ as an answer.  There are benefits to be found, but we may have to dig a little deeper in some cases.  When I’m helping a client, I look for services for which they are qualified, and I don’t stop just because I hit a brick wall.”

Ashley routinely gives her clients two pieces of advice:  1) Don’t throw your money away and 2) Don’t give your money to people who can’t do what they can’t guarantee.  “That advice is how we cross the bridge from a cookie-cutter service to a custom-tailored service.  A policy that doesn’t fit doesn’t help in a time of crisis.”

Beyond the services she offers, Ashley has been recognized for her stellar track record and, as such, serves as a trainer within the company.  “We are the industry experts, so the foundation of what I do and the foundation of what I teach others is based in knowledge.  It’s not enough that WE know it.  We have to empower our clients with the knowledge, too, to be confident in their decisions.  When we arm them with the knowledge they need – their circumstances are the way to improvement.  And I always, always, always strive to leave people better than I found them.”

Ashley Pruitt Lawson is a Branch Leader at AmeriLife of Greensboro, LLC.  Her office is located at 1500 Mill Street, Suite 106, in Greensboro.  Contact her at 336.854.1000 or email  Be sure to visit


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