Ten Ways To Make Your Husband’s (Or Significant Other’s) Day Better


Life is busy!  We work, take care of the kids, run our errands, eat, drink and try to stay merry. It can be easy to forget that we need to spread a little love in the direction of our husbands/significant others.

Luckily, (in my experience at least), there are lots of ways to make husbands/significant others happy! It can be a small word or gesture or it can be something big that takes a lot of time and planning. It can be whatever your special person would appreciate the most.

Here are ten ways you can show your love and appreciation and keep the romance alive…

Prepare his favorite meal for dinner

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.  (I think this is true of almost anyone)! Take time to shop for the freshest ingredients and prepare something special that makes him feel nourished and loved.

Tell him how great looking he is

Admire his dad bod! Your man wants to know you find him attractive and he probably wouldn’t admit it, but he may be feeling insecure about the changes in his body as he ages. Let him know that you still find him irresistible!

Let him be vulnerable

Men need a space to share their deepest thoughts, feelings, fears, and concerns, too. Be that safe sounding board for him whether he just needs you to listen or is seeking advice. Give him encouragement and let him know it is ok to share anything with you and that there will be no judgment, just loving ears to hear.

Tell him how awesome he is

Tell him he’s awesome, but get specific! Specific compliments feel more meaningful than general ones. Complimenting your partner on specific ways he has handled situations with the kids, impressive work he has done, times when you thought he was extra smart, his new haircut, or the stamina he showed when you hiked that difficult trail…all will ring true and stick with him.

Make time for romance

In today’s busy and fast-paced world, it can be difficult to set aside time just for romance. But being intimate is a key ingredient to a happy relationship. Surprise him with a date night or even better…a mini vacation!
Make him coffee in the morning

Every now and then, wake him up with coffee (just the way he likes it) and a kiss. Let him relax in bed and enjoy his coffee and quiet time while you get everyone ready for the day.

Brag on him (where he can hear you)

Every man I know would eat this up!  Talk about something great your partner did when he’s within earshot, but not in the same room.  This makes everyone feel good!  #winwin all around!

Express appreciation for ordinary and routine tasks he does

Thank him for taking the trash cans to the curb, for mowing the lawn, for fixing dinner for the kids, for unclogging the sink…for any and all the things he does that make your and your family’s life easier. Thank him sincerely.

Look him in the eye and tell him how proud of him you are

What has he done today, this week, this month that you are proud of him for? Has he been on a health kick, spent quality time with the kids, built something really cool, gotten noticed at work, picked up the slack so you could do more things you like to do? Find something you’re proud of and tell him how you feel about it.  Get the kids in on it. Get him a cake just because he’s amazing.

Pray a blessing over him at the start of your day

If you are the praying kind, pray for your husband as he starts his day. What does he need today? What concerns him today? What is he searching for? You are the best one to determine these things. Then you can also pray for his safety, his well-being, wisdom, and strength.

Adding these extra efforts will not only make your loved one’s day much better, it will also give an extra spark to your relationship!  They say a happy wife equals a happy life, but I’m pretty sure that sentiment holds true for the men we love as well.


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