Take My Hand Uganda

Take My Hand Uganda (TMHU) is a faith-based organization that was created in response to meet the ongoing needs of vulnerable children and women in Uganda.  It is a charity that began as a Christian relief mission responding to the plight of children living in an orphanage in Kampala. These orphans had lost their parents to war or the AIDS epidemic, or had been abandoned by families that simply couldn’t feed them. Food was inadequate. Many suffered health problems. There was no money for schooling.

The TMHU mission grew from a rescue effort to founding a sponsorship program that impacts the hearts and minds of these most vulnerable of children by giving them a hope-filled future. Today, these children are living a safe and well-cared for life at a boarding school located northwest of Kampala, the capital of Uganda. They have food, clothing, healthcare, and schooling.  The children are thriving. They are safe. Most importantly, the children have an opportunity to break the cycle of poverty for themselves and provide brighter futures for their own families.

Reaching Out to Children a World Away

Bryan Klinchuch and Julie Hawbaker, co-founders and officers of the THMU Foundation, share the belief that when the most basic of life’s necessities are lacking, a child puts all of his or her energy into surviving.  Hope is lost; dreams are buried, and the world narrows down to the survival tasks of finding food and water.

“Under the care of TMHU’s Sponsorship Program,” says board officer Eleanor Meyer, “an impoverished child’s life changes dramatically.” Consistent access to food, medical care, and clean water revive them physically.  A child becomes energized to attend school, grows under the care of teachers, begins enriching friendships with peers, and engages in healthy activities and teams through sports.

Sponsorship fills the child with certainty that they are known and loved by people who live on the other side of the world. Letter writing between sponsor and child builds relationships, strengthens self-confidence and expands horizons.

During the 2018 mission to Uganda, Bryan, Eleanor, and her daughter Helen were joined by new volunteers, all from Winston-Salem. Anna Thrower became involved and recruited her daughter Lili and Lili’s friend, Alexander Johnson. The mission team grew as Alexandra recruited her own mother, Susan.  Anna encouraged the high school girls to participate in the mission to “learn the values of service to others.”

THMU relies entirely on volunteers to accomplish the work of the foundation. A full 100% of the donations go to caring for the children. Sponsorships cover school fees, nutritious food, clothes, basic medical care, school transportation, year-round boarding and school supplies.

With a need that is great for these children half a world away, TMHU Foundation accepts financial gifts and are always open to new sponsors and volunteers. Each child is matched with three sponsors who each donate $38 per month.  Sponsor a child. Your contribution provides:

  • Ongoing Christian training through a local church
  • Education opportunities to defeat illiteracy
  • Key life skills training and vocational programs to provide a brighter future
  • Healthcare to prevent and fight disease and sickness

Correspond with your child through letters and pictures, and receive regular updates from your child.  By doing so, you are making the world a better place!

Bryan shares that the TMHU vision is, “To expand our reach beyond these children – we aim to open our hearts and offer hands to other vulnerable children, women, and families in Uganda within a village community.”

To continue the volunteer work of TMHU, Lili and Alexandra launched a club at their high school.  The club focuses on recruiting sponsors, raising money for special projects and engaging young Winston-Salem women to participate in stewarding service to children in need.

TMHU, Inc. is a North Carolina 501(c)(3) registered non-profit organization.  Contributions are tax deductible.

For more information on Take My Hand Uganda, Inc., visit the website at takemyhanduganda.com or email takemyhanduganda@gmail.com.



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