Support is Always within Reach: 5 Things to Know About Hospice & Palliative Care 

As women, we often find ourselves as caregivers for those we love. We take on the role naturally, wanting our loved ones to feel comfort and nurtured. While it can be overwhelming, especially in the case of serious illness, there is help available. Trellis Supportive Care offers many layers of support. From Caregiver Confidence workshops to the most intimate and comprehensive care available to patients and their caregivers as they face end of life.

Here are 5 things about hospice care that may surprise you:

  1. You can remain home – with a care team that comes to you.  With a dedicated care team who provide care in your home, remaining at home is not only possible, but also the goal. Our team is made up of compassionate professionals with expertise in caring for people with advanced illness. They will provide in-home visits, delivering nursing care, personal care, counseling, emotional support for both patients and caregivers, and so much more. We visit patients in Forsyth and surrounding counties.
  1. You’ll have peace of mind.  With support available 24/7, you can rest assured that you are in good hands. Your local team at Trellis Supportive Care is never far away, and you’ll have an on-call team ready to support you – day or night.
  2. Your care is individualized. We understand that each patient and family are unique, and that each illness presents different symptoms and challenges. That’s why we have a specialized approach to a variety of diseases – and why we strive to meet the goals and wishes of each patient we serve.
  3. Medications, supplies, and equipment are delivered quickly.  Because we have our own pharmacy, we get you the medications you need quickly, delivered directly to you at home. Medications, supplies and equipment that are related to your diagnosis are covered by Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance. You can focus on quality of life, while your team takes care of the rest.
  4. Not all hospice organizations are the same.  Trellis Supportive Care was the first hospice in NC and has been caring for patients and families since 1979. We remain an independent, nonprofit, organization. Thanks to community support, we are able to go above and beyond in the way we provide care, and never deny anyone care because of inability to pay.

Anyone can make a referral – including family and friends. And because most families wish they had called sooner, we welcome your call, or visit, anytime to share more about how we may be able to support you or someone you love.  Visit us at or call 336-768-3972.

“My dad was 6’4” and weighed only 130 lbs., and we thought he may only live for a few weeks. But with the support of Trellis, he made a real turn-around. The hospice care improved his quality of life – his weight went up to 170 lbs. and we were able to travel. We had another year together and I’m so grateful to our Trellis hospice team.” – Melinda Szeliga


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