Summer Songs with Chillax Tracks & Rev Up Pick Me Ups


Wherever your summer plans may take you or even if you’re sticking close to home, here are some summer song suggestions to celebrate the hottest season of the year. 

“Soak Up the Sun” – Sheryl Crow

A good mood tune when you want everyone to lighten up, Sheryl Crow’s hit will have you feeling like you can do anything that comes your way and have some fun in the sun. So, shade those pretty peepers with some fun sunnies and enjoy soaking up the sun (UV protection and sunbrellas are advised).

“Seaside” – The Kooks 

A light-hearted, romantically reflective acoustic song to get you in the mood on your way to the beach or to chillax wherever you may be, whether poolside, seaside, or listening to ocean waves through your headphones/earbuds. Whether or not you fall in love by the seaside, you can always fall in love with the seaside!

“Summer” (The Four Seasons) – Vivaldi 

A classic violin concerto (along with the other 3 seasons), inspired by nature poetry, “Summer” depicts a shepherd and his flock caught in a sudden rainstorm. 

“Summertime” – George Gershwin 

This soulful summertime classic is from Porgy and Bess, a memorable musical folk opera. Ironically, the livin’ was anything but easy, but its melodies are moving and express evocative emotions. This lullaby, sung by a poor young mother, reassures her offspring and paints a dreamlike picture to offer a temporary departure from grim reality. Don’t miss the classic tender duet version by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong and also Janis Joplin’s sassy and soulful version from the 60s, credited with putting jazz back on the charts and into the collective consciousness.

“A Cicada’s Song” – Susan B.B. Schabacker

As warm winds turn cool and we make our way into autumn, the cicadas of summer sing their last song. Reflective and nostalgic, this song reminisces about a love that’s distant, but hasn’t faded from memory. “And, you’re always on my mind.  You say I’m like a child of the wind, whispering from within. You are still on my mind.”

“La Mer (Beyond the Sea)” – Charles Trenet 

A reflective love song with imagery-laden lyrics, reminiscing about the beauty and mystique of the sea. Add this summerish song to your playlist whether you’re cooking or having a picnic,

solo or in a sea of people, inland or by the sea. And, there’s nothing quite so romantic as a slow dance with your love by candlelight. 

“Watermelon Sugar” – Harry Styles 

An essential summer song with a summer feeling you want to breathe in. No summer should be without a fruit-alicious fix of juicy watermelon and strawberries. 

“Summertime Sadness” – Lana Del Rey

Chillax to this catchy tune, whether you’re pool or ocean side with a cocktail or mocktail in hand, or grilling out at the park. Great for getting ready on date night, donning that red dress and piling your hair into a beauty queen style updo. 

“Neon Indian” – Deadbeat Summer

If indie’s your thang, enjoy this funkadelic synth pop tune. Whatever your age, celebrate nostalgic lazy summer days of your youth and make the most of summer. 

“Cruel Summer” – Ace of Base 

Cool off this hot summer with this cool tune by Swedish pop group Ace of Base. Sunbathe, prop your feet up or burn calories dancing to this fusion of genres including euro disco, Motown, and dance.  

“Under The Boardwalk” – The Drifters

Embrace your ears with the perfect pairing for the beach bound. Bored? No need to feel boarded up. Go for a leisurely walk along the boardwalk. Have fun and celebrate summer love, soaking up sun, sand, and surf! 

“Rock Lobster” – The B-52’s

Boost your mood with this party worthy pick-me-up ‘60s shagadelic southern new wave style. Shed some clothes or don a bikini and slather on the sunscreen so you don’t turn the color of a lobster. Head to the coast for fresh catches or over to the seafood counter at your local grocery store to enjoy a dish of shellfish. Try a shellfish medley by the bucket with baked potatoes on the side (that really could’ve been baked in the sun). 


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