Style File – How to Improve Your Man’s Style

Bless their hearts…wearing sandals with socks or rocking gym shorts with a polo are just a couple examples of fashion misses I see men exhibiting. Sometimes our men need help with their fashion sense and that’s part of our job! And guess what? You can make your man’s clothes look better without hurting their feelings. That’s the key! As women, we don’t want to hurt their feelings, we just want to help them feel confident in more fashionable clothes!

  • Showcase his personality.

Just because you think something looks good on the cover model of GQ magazine does not mean it will look good on your boyfriend, husband or significant other. Help him become the best version of himself instead of what you think looks good. It’s about him feeling and looking great, not about you. If he’s an outdoorsy guy, pair his Teva sandals with more fitted jeans and a crisp button-down. If your man is a former athlete and only wants to wear tennis shoes, start shopping for sneakers that are both stylish and functional. If he loves to wear t-shirts because he feels most comfortable in them, go shopping for a more fitted, graphic t-shirt that showcases his personality.

  • Fit is important.

Nothing ruins an outfit more than an ill-fitting garment. I’ve found that men buy their size sometimes without trying it on and are stuck with a pair of shorts that’s too tight or entirely too big. Encourage your guy to try on always! Go shopping with him and have him do a mini-fashion show in the dressing rooms. Help him realize what a good fit entails, and this could even involve talking to a sales associate at the retailer where you are shopping. An outfit can be completely transformed if it fits the correct way. Too much fabric is never a good thing. It either makes him look too skinny or too large. You also want to make sure clothes are not too tight either. Fabric should closely drape a person without pulling in an unflattering way.

  • Grooming is great.

My hubby was blessed with a lot of hair. He can grow a beard like nobody’s business! It’s a great thing, but his facial hair can get out of “bounds” very easily if he does not maintain it. I noticed that once he started growing his beard, it was getting a little too rugged and did not look maintained. The truth is, he just needed to go to a barber who knows what he’s doing to help shape his beard, offer him tips and tricks on how to maintain it, and buy products that keep it looking nice. I made the appointment for him and he loved how much he learned and how he looked afterwards!

  • Keep it classic by avoiding the trends.

This tip works for both men and women: when in doubt, keep it classy. Just as Ron Burgundy said, “Keep it classy, San Diego.” There are tons of trends out there that your man may be intrigued by, but your role is to encourage him to stick with the classics. Too often I’ve seen guys try to rock man-capris or the bowler hat and end up looking like they’re playing dress up for Halloween. I like to encourage my hubby to play with color instead of getting too crazy with the trends.


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