Style File: Annoying Fashion Problems That All Women Will Understand

We’ve all been there…in a dressing room trying on clothes and not knowing what to do or questioning our style existence! I’ve honestly said out loud in a dressing room before, “Is this dress supposed to be made for a doll?” I’m sharing my favorite annoying fashion problems that I am sure you will understand and relate to! It’s not just you, ladies! There are tons of fashion issues that we all face.

  1. The Strapless Dress Dilemma. I wasn’t blessed with large “friends” up top, if you know what I mean, and I even struggle with the strapless dresses. I am constantly pulling my dress up! I cannot tell you how many pictures there are of me in strapless bridesmaids dresses heaving the dress up. I have found that what works for me, a woman with small breasts, is to have cups built into the dress. Go to a nice tailor shop and have them sew the cups into your dress. It’s relatively cheap and worth the price! For ladies with larger breasts, going with a strapless bra and corset is the best option. Strapless bras tend to fall down and if you have the corset/control top underneath that goes to your waist, the bra will stay up and hold your dress into place.
  2. Limping Around in Heels to Gain a Few Inches. I’ve been there and done that. “Oh, these stilettos make my legs look oh-so-good. I can last a few hours in them if I just stay seated most of the day.” This never works in my favor. By the end of the day, I look injured even walking to the bathroom. Thankfully, there are tons more heel options now that won’t ruin your feet! I am all about the chunky heel or wedge heel. Both of these options provide height and also support your back because they don’t unnaturally put all your weight on your toes. The key is to distribute your weight across the shoes instead of all on one spot.
  3. Putting on Spanx. Oh, my goodness, putting on Spanx or anything control top is absolutely horrendous and a hard workout. And the worst part of it is taking it off and then feeling like a busted can of biscuits. Spanx are a great invention and absolutely streamline our silhouettes but, wow, they can hurt! If you are in pain wearing your Spanx, I recommend sizing up. You will still get the benefits of smaller waistline but you’ll be more comfortable, and thus a nicer person.
  4. Button Down Shirts. I will always stand by this statement: women’s button down shirts need to be tailored. The most ill-fitting single piece of clothing ever is the button-down shirt. Ladies either buy them too small and have the awkward gaping holes that expose our bras or they buy them too big and it looks like your husband’s shirt. Either get your button down shirts tailored or shop at Brooks Brothers or a place that has more specific sizes than S-XL.
  5. Shopping All Day and Finding Nothing. Ladies, this is super frustrating and we all have our good shopping days and our bad shopping days! I love to shop and almost always can find something to buy when I am out and about (this is both a curse and a blessing). However, I’ve had days where I ask, “Is anything fitting me today?” The key to a successful shopping experience is to have no expectations. Don’t have the mission of finding a blue and white strapless dress with a sweetheart neckline and A-line skirt. You cannot be so specific! Go into your shopping experience with an open mind and be willing to try on clothes you haven’t thought to try on before. Your mind will be blown as to what looks good on you that you never thought you would buy!

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