Spring Beauty Picks: Four Plastic Surgeons reveal their top beauty picks for spring 2024

By Ellen deRosset Bassett

Warm weather, clear skies, bright sunlight … Spring, we are so glad you’re here! And the shift in seasons means it’s a great time to shift your beauty focus as well. So what would the board-certified plastic surgeons at the Triad’s leading plastic surgery center choose as their top picks for Spring Beauty 2024? Well, here’s what they had to say.

Dr. Andy Schneider, one of the board-certified plastic surgeons at Forsyth Plastic Surgery, says, “Spring is all about healthy, natural-looking skin. And right now my patients are really interested in getting the ‘glowy’ fresh look they’re seeing on places like Instagram and in magazines. And with the right effort, that is definitely achievable.” Dr. Schneider explains that for most patients it’s about keeping skin clean, hydrated and exfoliated. He says, “Gina and Kinsley, our aestheticians, can help you choose products packed with vitamins, hyaluronic acid and other ingredients that will give you that hydrated, fresh look.” Dr. Schneider also notes, “This time of year I recommend patients opt in for treatments that promote elastin and collagen growth through a variety of methods whether through peels, lasers, SkinVive or RF micro needling.” Dr. Schneider notes, “The people you see with ‘glowy skin’ are taking proactive measures on their skin. So there’s no shortcuts here.”

Call out box: Dr. Andy Schneider’s Picks

  1. A DiamondGlow facial to remove dead skills cells from the dry winter and infuse some moisture into the skin
  2. A simple Botox treatment to smooth facial lines.
  3. SkinVive treatment (injects hyaluronic acid under the skin to make it glow)
  4. Skincare products with Vitamin C, Retinol and Hyaluronic Acid
  5. Peel, laser treatment or RF micro-needling treatments for collagen and elastin growth

Dr. Gil Kingman, another surgeon at the practice, says “Spring is the perfect time to consider some body contouring work. With spring break coming up this is a good time to think about CoolSculpting for small areas of fat. It takes a few weeks for those to dissolve, so this might be a good time to get started on your treatment.” Dr. Kingman also notes, “One of our most popular treatments is CoolTone. This treatment strengthens muscles and tones with magnetic muscle stimulation so you can show off a 6-pack on the beach.”

Dr. Kingman also says, “Botox is a great treatment for Spring and it can really help erase fine lines and wrinkles in the forehead area. It’s a very quick procedure and it lasts for several months.”

Call out box: Dr. Gil Kingman’s Picks
1) Botox treatment

2) CoolSculpting to freeze stubborn fat

3) CoolTone treatment to tone muscles

Dr. George Lawson III, another plastic surgeon at Forsyth Plastic Surgery says, “Spring is when people really start thinking about their bodies and how to get ready for bathing suit season. Many of my patients are moms who have finished having kids and they’re just ready to get their bodies back to pre-pregnancy shape. For those patients, procedures like a tummy tuck or breast lift can really help.” Dr. Lawson says, “I love it when my patients have healed from their surgery and they say I just feel more like myself again.”

Call out box: Dr. George Lawson III’s Picks
1) Tummy Tuck

2) Breast Lift

Dr. Leslie Branch, another board-certified plastic surgeon says, “March is still laser season. So something like a laser hair removal treatment is a great choice. Our aestheticians do a lot of this work — especially on local college students and professional businesswomen who love not having to worry about shaving. Now it can take several sessions, but my patients love this treatment.”

Dr. Branch also says, “During the spring we’re all outside so much more. It’s so important to have medical-grade sun protection and moisturizers to protect and rehydrate the skin.  Personally I use EltaMD UV Clear for my sunscreen. It’s light, smells nice and it works.”

Dr. Branch notes, “During the spring and summer if you’re in and out of the pool — especially with children — it’s nice not to have to worry about makeup. I love products like Obagi’s Nu-Cil products for brows and lashes. You’ll be able to skip mascara and your eyebrow pencil.”

On the surgical side, Dr. Branch recommends an upper eyelid lift this time of year. She says, “It’s a quick, easy procedure with long lasting results. And it can really improve how makeup looks. She also loves a facelift and notes, “You can take ten years off your natural face with a quick recovery. It’s very safe and you’ll look refreshed in time for summer.”

Call out box: Dr. Leslie Branch’s Picks
1. Laser Hair Removal

2. Elta MD UV Clear Sunscreen

3. Obagi Nu-Cil Products

4. Upper eyelid lift

5. Facelift

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