Southern Signature Properties: The Top 10 Reasons We Love Our Jobs

The process of buying or selling a home is so deeply personal that it makes sense to work with real estate experts who are willing to be invested in you and your family.  A trio like the ladies of Southern Signature Properties are a self-made family who, while very different, share a love of real estate and a passion for helping others.

“We were friends first,” shared Jenny Edwards.  “It was easy to see, based on our friendship, how our different talents could complement one another if we united to pursue our common love for real estate.  We all have entrepreneurial spirits, so it just made sense!”

Alison Vannoy concurred, and added, “We knew we could lean on each other through the process of building a successful business and figure it out together.”

“We also knew from the beginning,” chimed in Renea Burgess, “that if we were going to do this, it had to be different.  We refused to be cliché.”

“Life’s too short,” Jenny said, while Renea and Alison nodded in agreement. “We wanted what we do to matter. And if we can love what we do, with people we love, while we make a career – all the better!  That’s win-win-win!”

As such, these three dynamic women have identified the top ten things they love about their job.  “It was hard to narrow it down to ten,” said Renea. “But these definitely encompass the core of our values and daily drive.”

The Top 10 Reasons We Love Our Jobs

  1. The obvious first – they love houses. “We all love houses,” said Alison.  “We never get tired of looking at them and seeing how they are made. We have a definite appreciation for fine craftsmanship and love to explore the way a house is put together, as well as the different ways people can personalize a house to make it into a home.”
  2. Every day is different. And different is good.  It’s the “different” that allows this team to work together so efficiently and effectively. It’s the “different” that sets them apart from other realtors.  “We are grateful that we can be in this fantastic industry, but do it with our signature style,” said Renea.  “Every day brings its own set of challenges, but also its own set of rewards.  We love the variety.”
  3. They love meeting new people. Within moments of meeting the ladies of Southern Signature Properties, their love for people radiates from the inside out.  They each have a genuine heart for meeting and helping others.  Alison shared, “All of us are sociable people who love a great conversation.  Meeting new people keeps us inspired and motivated.”
  4. They love to make people feel welcome. All three ladies have a great fondness for hospitality. “We love to make people feel comfortable.  It’s fun for us to get to know likes, dislikes, hobbies, interests – these are the things that make us all individuals and help us find houses that are a great fit for our clients’ lifestyles.”
  5. They love to help facilitate one of the biggest decisions most people will ever make. “Buying a house,” they said, “is more often than not the biggest financial decision most people will make in their lifetime.  It’s a tremendous responsibility, and we take that seriously. We are happy that we can offer our expertise and guidance to ensure that our clients are making fiscally-sound decisions over which they will be pleased.”
  6. They love to help coordinate purchases that bring about transformation. Within a few minutes of conversation, it’s evident that the ladies of Southern Signature Properties have a very clear understanding of this truth – a house and a home are two different things.  “We all have a soft spot for old houses,” said Jenny.  “It doesn’t happen with every transaction, but when we can work with an investor who wants to renovate a house and return it to a place that a family can call home – that’s so rewarding.  But restoration project or not – every house gets a buyer’s signature touch that personalizes it into a home.”
  7. Jenny, Renea, and Alison love the Triad community. They are all advocates for the unique and artistic quality of the city and surrounding area.  “Renea and Alison are both natives,” explained Jenny.  “I am originally from Texas, but Winston-Salem is home.  I’ve lived here since I was a teenager and I agree with Renea and Alison that this area has so much to offer.  It’s a truly unique community.”
  8. They love to give back. The ladies of Southern Signature Properties are involved with Habitat for Humanity, Second Harvest Food Bank, Homes for Heroes, and the local schools.  “We have been so blessed, and it’s our responsibility to be able to give back to others,” said Alison.  “We are all moms and being able to give to families through these worthy organizations is a privilege.”
  9. They love working with their best friends. Jenny, Renea, and Alison love what they do in large part because they love spending time with one another.  “These are my best friends,” said Renea.  “We do life together, our families love one another, and because we have such a strong friendship, it’s enabled us to build something very special together.  It makes work so much fun!”
  10. They complement one another. Jenny is the guts and gumption of the trio.  She is a natural encourager who is always ready to remind the others “We can do it!”  Alison is the glitter – the splash of fun who is always ready for a spontaneous adventure. And Renea is the glue – the one who holds it all together.  While all three sell real estate, it’s Renea’s organizational skills that help keep everything running efficiently.

Southern Signature Properties is a business built on passion and heart.  This list is only the tip of the iceberg of what drives them and what makes their approach unique.  Jenny, Renea, and Alison welcome the opportunity to meet with their clients and work with them to create an experience that culminates into the purchase of an amazing home.

Southern Signature Properties is a part of Realty One. Their office is located at 3720 Vest Mill Road in Winston-Salem.  Call them at 336.749.5388 or visit online at  Be sure to like them on Facebook, and follow them on Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.


In the South, the pineapple is synonymous with hospitality.  It was a perfect representation of Jenny, Renea, and Alison’s values.  They want their clients to feel welcome and engaged throughout the process.  The sense of hospitality that transitions a mere house into a warm and inviting home is, after all, what the south is noted for!  With that in mind, the Southern Signature Properties’ Pineapple Supreme cake is a great way to welcome guests into your home, or welcome a new family to the neighborhood!

Pineapple Supreme

  • White cake mix (any brand)
  • 1 cup granulated sugar
  • 1 cup all purpose flour
  • 4 eggs
  • 1 cup sour cream
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 1 tsp of pineapple flavoring
  • 1 small package of vanilla pudding

Mix dry ingredients together, incorporating wet ingredients and mixing until well-blended (no lumps). Bake at 325 degrees for 25 minutes.

The recipe makes three 8″ or two 9″ layers.

Cool, then generously fill each layer with crushed pineapple.  Frost with buttercream frosting (recipe below).

Buttercream Frosting

  • 2 sticks of unsalted butter, room temperature
  • 2 lbs powdered sugar
  • 1 tsp vanilla flavoring
  • 1/4 cup of water

Cream butter with electric mixer.  Add powdered sugar 1 cup at a time.  Add water until desired consistency is achieved.


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