Rosey’s Review: Davie Tavern

Whenever I see Davie Tavern show up on my list for a restaurant review, I always get excited. It means I get a first-hand look at the new menu Chef Mack Parker and the supporting crew of amazing chefs at Davie Tavern has cooked up!  And his culinary creativity NEVER disappoints!  Plus, Davie Tavern is a restaurant noted for a casual dining atmosphere with exceptional food and service!  With very few exceptions (i.e., ketchup), everything is scratch made in Davie Tavern’s kitchen.  I couldn’t wait to taste what Mack had on the menu!

First up – drinks! With a fully-stocked bar, featuring a number of locally crafted beers and wines, bartender Sam Warlow takes bartending to artistic proportions.  We sampled his latest concoction, the Davie Prohibition, which was a blend of bourbon, prickly pear juice, rum, brandy, honey, and lemon juice.  It was a drink that might have made the Temperance Union of the 1920s change their mind on that whole dry movement.

I’m a firm believer in soup. I love it all year long!  Davie Tavern makes their soup from scratch daily, and the soup options change every two days!  In fact, Davie Tavern’s signature She Crab soup is regionally famous and available at least once a month!  So, needless to say, when Chef Mack brought out a hearty bowl of Broccoli Cheese Soup, I said, “Yes, please!” This is the kind of soup that makes you forget your childhood disdain for broccoli.  In fact, I think most kids would readily open wide for a bite of this cheesy goodness!  White and yellow cheddar with the perfect balance of garlic…  Delicious!

Any appetizer that comes with a little side of sweet and spicy is a good start to a meal, so I wasn’t disappointed with the Bang Pao Shrimp!  Chef Mack has created a special sweet sauce for fresh shrimp that he garnished with chili flakes…  perfect combination!

Deep Fried Mushroomsrounded out our appetizer course and, in a word: YUM!  Served with a creamy horseradish sauce, the deep fried mushrooms are rich and crunchy… Absolutely bursting with flavor, this new appetizer is going to be a big hit!

As we tucked in and moved into the entrée level, I was again amazed by the creativity that takes place at Davie Tavern.  I was eager to try more, so when we were served Blackened Mahi Mahi Tacos, I wasn’t disappointed.  Of course, in fairness, I rarely meet a taco I don’t like, but Chef Mack has kicked up the traditional taco with a fish that is both mild and sweet.  With a dollop of corn relish and chipotle aioli, this is a taco bursting with flavors of the southwest!  Served with a side of Beer Battered Onion Rings, this is a hearty meal that doesn’t disappoint!

Ah…  burgers.  Davie Tavern is THE place to go for burgers in the Triad.  And now, there’s a new sheriff (I mean… burger) in town.  The Tavern Burger has taken everything great about the traditional Davie Bull Burger, and upped the game… which I really didn’t think was possible to do, but then they said, “Bacon Jam,” and I drooled a little.  Okay, a lot.  Seriously, friends – brace yourselves for this one.  Chef Mack’s signature blend burger…  smoked Gouda… bacon jam… roasted garlic and black pepper mayonnaise on a fresh brioche.  I really think that says it all.  Oh, and the burger was served with hand-cut French Fries.  As delicious as the fries were, I almost forgot they were there.

They had to pry the Tavern Burger from my hands for the next one, but it was a sacrifice I was willing to make once they told me that I’d be trying Tender Sautéed Scallops.  Served over a bed of chorizo risotto, these scallops are perfectly cooked and topped with corn salsa.  A beautiful presentation that is only undone by the perfect flavors!

Up next, we tried the Double Boned Pork Chop and I’m not sure what the point of the second bone is, except maybe it doubled the deliciousness quotient?  Either way you look at it – or took a bite out of it – this savory cut of meat was topped with an unexpected surprise…  Blueberry chipotle glaze.  I know, right?  There’s nothing Chef Mack doesn’t think of!  And it was awesome!  And besides a perfectly cooked pork chop, we had Davie Tavern’s Garlic Mashed Potatoes.  Decadent!

If you read regularly, you know this girl loves a good steak.  And when we wrapped up our tour of entrees with a Porterhouse Steak with roasted garlic and blue cheese butter, I was in steak-lovers-heaven.  Beautifully charred, the porterhouse steak was tender and flavorful and the side of garlic mashed potatoes…  well, I had a hard time putting my fork down so I could take notes.

Finally, we got to desserts. Yeah, I know.  Three appetizers and five entrees later, we had dessert. Don’t judge.  This is my job.  My awesome, amazing, delicious, everyone-wants-to-be-friends-with-Rosey-on-review-nights job.  With that said, we started off with Chocolate Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding.  That wasn’t a typo.  The chocolate in this dessert is so nice, they named it twice.  And speaking of two – hello, caramel sauce and chocolate sauce. Both are drizzled on this rich bread pudding, along with fresh whipped cream.  Ah. Maz. Ing.

We also sampled Peanut Butter Pie and if you like peanut butter, you must go and sample a piece for yourself.  But don’t expect it to be heavy!  I’m not sure how he does it, but Chef Mack has made the peanut butter light and airy.  It has a mousse-like texture that is silky and smooth.

So after bidding everyone goodnight and congratulating Chef Mack on another stellar job with the new menu, I rolled myself home.  Dining at Davie Tavern is always a treat, and I love visiting them for lunch, dinner, or even Sunday brunch!

With the upcoming holidays, it’s also nice to know that Davie Tavern caters, though to be honest, it might be better to just invite your family and friends to meet you at the restaurant.  There’s too much good to choose from to only cater a few options!  Besides – that way, you and your friends can serve things up Rosey-style and get a taste of everything!  You can always check Facebook for updates on daily specials and updates for seasonal parties and wine tastings!

Go soon, and be sure to tell them that Rosey sent ya!  In fact, you might see me there.  Just be sure to let me know if I have bacon jam on my chin!


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