ReTHINKING Drinking: What is YOUR success?


Last month I wrote about the Sober Sis site and Jenn Kautsch’s 21-day Reset Challenge to examine your alcohol habits and have your “own journey to a more mindful approach to their drinking.” I was actually surprised at how many women I talked to who said that alcohol was just a part of their lives that they hardly thought about anymore. They were glad they had a reason to actually re-examine why and when and how they were drinking. No, not everyone became alcohol free (AF), but several did for a while, and all became more deliberate and mindful about their drinking. I call that a success, don’t you?  Speaking of success, the Sober Sis website collects success stories from real women who have joined the 21-day Reset Challenge. If you are trying your own reset challenge, or are thinking about doing one, maybe one of these women will inspire you!

Linda F.‎ to SoberSis

I just had an “A-Ha” moment. I bet some of y’all have had this moment too! I remember when I first started in June (my birthday month no less) listening to Jennifer Quest Kautsch and the podcasts and such….. and I specifically remember Jenn saying so nonchalantly “I’ve chosen to be AF in my life, but you don’t have to…. just learning to be mindful…….” something like that, right? Well now WHO first thought when you heard that “yeah right! That will never be me! I will always miss it and always wonder why I can’t drink!” Right?! I know I had those thoughts – like how can it be SO easy for Jenn and the other girls to just to adapt HAPPILY to being alcohol free forever?! Tonight, in speaking to someone about MY journey, I have realized that without really purposely pushing myself to it or forcing myself to abstain – that I AM actually HAPPILY choosing not to drink! Happily and easily! All those arguments that were in my head – (Jenn, do you remember me questioning you about the mental struggle?! That was the worst part initially- the constant fight in my head!) well all those arguments are GONE! It’s so weird and such an amazing blessing!!!
I swear to you- I never prayed for this existence because I didn’t even think it existed.   Now, I also choose happily to be AF and it’s no big deal! I’ll gladly have a mocktail thank you very much!

Jennifer H. to SoberSis

Tomorrow will be 90 days AF in this new season of soberminded, present living for me!
Such a miracle to have such a mind shift! I can’t believe this is me… and that I actually enjoy not drinking wine… now I have had to battle thoughts on the social level but as the thoughts pass and good times are had alcohol free I stand amazed! Thank you Jenn and each of you in this tribe for being here! This safe place to find encouragement is a powerful force in the journey! Jenn’s passion and leadership, means the world and draws me further. I am learning who I am AF, discovering what a blessing it is to be present in my relationships and experiencing positive changes, proud to stand counter culture, feeling ups and downs as that is real life, and the list goes on. I have June 28th as a day of intervention by God to show me the way to heal and be restored! A defining moment! I am forever grateful for all the beautiful, powerful, creative voices that I have met in Sober Sis! For those struggling, keep going … keep reaching out… keeping learning … the shift is real and will come! We are on this journey together! We must keep climbing!

Paulina G. to SoberSis

Hi sober sister October resetters‼ I want to personally welcome you to our tribe and encourage you to connect and lean in. I’m a September resetter who’s 26 AF (so far) and this program has far exceeded my expectations. Having done many seasonal resets on my own only to return to the daily wine o’clock witching hour habit, I finally found the information that will help me change my relationship with alcohol forever whether I try and moderate or not. I’m truly not the same person with the same mindset from 8/30. I’m still figuring it all out but this movement and tribe is truly a God send and thank you Lord for using Jennifer Quest Kautsch to lead the way!

So please don’t be shy and introduce yourselves and feel free to ask questions, vent and share your ups and downs because this tribe will be there to rally around you and root you on!

Ramona H.‎ to SoberSis

I want to say thank you to my sisters in this tribe and to Jennifer Quest Kautsch. Because of your support in the month of September and everything I have learned, I was able to be sober-minded yesterday as we buried Stanley, the man who was a strong positive influence in my sons’ lives. I was able to be a quiet behind-the-scenes support for the entire family. I know that prior to my training through SoberSis in September, I would have acted differently. For one thing, I would have been hungover from a week of nightly bottle of wine consumption, but I also would have been a mess of emotions. Learning how to go to the think-feel-action mode when my emotions start to get wonky has been a game-changer for me. THANK YOU all.  Feeling grateful.

Cara P. to SoberSis

Sisters, last night I stayed up late chatting with my 3 teenage sons about life. One wants a girlfriend, one needs more friends, and one is having a birthday on Friday. It was beautiful and rich. And impossible if I had had wine. 2 weeks ago I would have been asleep by 9. Last night I could have kept going and it was 10:30! I am so grateful to be AF.

Ella SoberSis

First night in a restaurant without wine. Sparkling water and hot tea with dessert. When the check came, and was about half the amount of a normal dinner for us, my husband, who hadn’t even noticed that I hadn’t ordered any wine, said, “Don’t they have wine here?” I said “Yes. I’m not drinking alcohol.” “Ever?” “For now. Aiming for 21 days.” He said, “We should celebrate that every day.”
He hardly drinks, but never gave me any grief about my drinking, except when he paid restaurant tabs and they were half alcohol.

Shelley H. to SoberSis

Great Saturday morning. I am on track and going strong thanks to Sober Sis. Starting to physically feel really good again. I will be 62 in November and have been a dedicated over-indulger for most of my life. I will be retiring in 3 years and don’t want to be drunk the whole time. My wonderful husband and I have a blended family of 5 kids and 11 grand kids. I want to be alive and present in their lives as well as ours. I have tried to quit many times and decided I am one of the lucky people that just shouldn’t drink because one is never enough therefore one is too many. I want to thank everyone for their stories: you all have been so helpful and I see myself in so many of you ladies.

Mel R. to SoberSis

WOW – Thanks for today’s email Jen! My friends & I used to “joke” about having PDD (post-drunken depression) after a night of heavy drinking. I thought it was just related to the regret about things we might not remember or stupid things we did or said the night before (plus the obvious miserable physical symptoms.) It makes so much sense that it’s the brain chemistry driving all of this. I love gaining understanding into the neurological aspects of this; it’s helping me want alcohol less and less. Thank you!

Jean G. to SoberSis

I have noticed that each month as new resetters join this amazing group, there is a sense of fear that you don’t belong, or you think that you drink more or drink less than everyone else. OR, don’t want to give up alcohol forever and feel scared that you might have to. Some feel they aren’t doing it right and worry that they uniquely are unhealable or unlovable. Just want you to know I went through all of this too and on day 70 I can say, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. You can do this! WE can do this. We can be returned to ourselves with ease and grace. And love from this tribe. GREAT JOB just getting here! Press on my sisters!

How do YOU define success for YOU? If you are sober-curious or wish to become more soberminded or are just interested in learning a little more about how the reset works, go to to learn more about the program.



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