ReDESIGNS by Ava: Time to Do a Redesign

By Ava Lewandowski

The goal of my company is to help people create a beautiful home where they can come to be loved, refreshed, and encouraged. Home….a place where you and I have spent a great deal of time the past several weeks and probably will be for more weeks to come, since our state has a ‘stay at home’ order in place.

I am trying to stay busy and watch just enough news to keep me informed about the coronavirus. As I thought about my subject for this month’s article, I thought this would be a great time to help you do an interior redesign project in your home. While you are homebound, it might be fun to get the family involved. What’s great is you will be using the best of what you have to create a different and beautiful interior…it will cost only effort and energy on your part…no money!

When it is finished, you will be pleased with your new space. There are ten steps to follow, so let’s get started:

Just for fun, take ‘before’ pictures.

Step #1 Assess the room and how you use it.

Step #2 Break down the room. You will empty the room in reverse order of how you will put the items back in the room.

  • Start with the small accessories (I lay an old towel on the dining table for these items). Then group the items as I place them on the table: all picture frames together, all collectibles, all books, etc.
  • Remove all the artwork from the walls. If you can, prop the artwork in a room where you are not working.
  • Remove large plants.
  • Take all lamps out of the room.
  • Remove tables and upholstered pieces. You may leave the larger pieces in the room (Furniture sliders are great tools when moving the larger pieces).

Step #3 Establish a focal point. Do you have an architectural focal point like a fireplace or built-in bookcases? Or is the beautiful view out the picture window your focal point? What about that large piece of art that is special to you…could that be it? More than likely, you have a ‘real-life’ focal point, a larger than life TV. Establishing a focal point is important because you will place the furniture back in the room, keeping the focal point in mind.

Step #4 Evaluate the shape of the room. For furniture placement ideas check out: How to Arrange Furniture: No-Fail Tricks on

Step #5 Shop your home and look for pieces of furniture that you could possibly use in your new space.

Step #6 Place the furniture. If you need a rug for decorative reasons or to help define the space, now is the time to place it.

Step # 7 Bring large plants back into the space.

Step #8 Place the lamps. Don’t forget to create a lighting triangle, as this will help distribute the light around the room.

Step #9 Hang the art.

Start with the focal wall and work your way around the room. How To Hang Art Correctly-3 Simple Tips at will help you with this.

Step #10 Add the accessories. Start with the focal wall (if you have a mantle or built-ins), then proceed around the room.

Basic principles when placing accessories:

  • Work in odd numbers….1, 3, 5 (more than that tends to clutter the space).
  • Vary height of accessories (in most cases, putting the tallest object on the left works best).
  • Pay attention to size, shape, color, and texture.
  • Use your accessories to tell a story.
  • Use color three times or more as an accent.

Stand back and admire your work. Take a few ‘after’ pictures and just for fun, send to a friend along with the ‘befores.’

This is a challenging time for all of us. Let’s use it to take a look at our lives, rekindle our gratitude, and be thankful. Please know I am praying and trusting in God’s goodness and faithfulness for all of you.



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