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“‘Wow, our HOUSE didn’t quite feel like HOME until the artwork went up.’  Artwork and photography personalize our living spaces.  They offer a reflection of who we are and they bring warmth and coziness to any room.” ~ Lauren Heller

This past year I have hung many pictures for clients.  The real estate market has had a crazy-busy year or so.  Many people sold their houses and made a move or they updated and changed paint and décor.

The #1 decorating mistake that I continue to see when I walk into a home is pictures hung too high or a picture that is too small for the space where it is hung.  Before arriving at an appointment I often ask my client to group all the pictures to be hung in a space where I can ‘shop’ their artwork. After looking at the art and the spaces to hang the art, I start placing art in a room beginning with the focal point and work around the room.  Keep in mind pictures do not have to be hung on every single wall….. the eye needs a place to rest. The focal wall should have your best piece of art. If your TV hangs on your focal wall, you probably do not need to hang anything else on that wall.

Rules of thumb I use when hanging wall art:

  • Artwork that you will view standing (like in a hallway) should be hung approximately 60” from the middle of the picture to the floor……whether you are 5’2 or 6’4”. 60” is the average.
  • Above a buffet, console, chest, etc. hang 4” to 6” above to relate the piece of art to the furniture. Too much space between the furniture and the art will disconnect them.  If hanging a mirror, you may need to adjust.
  • Hanging art over a sofa, 6” to 9” is a good distance between the back of the sofa and the bottom of the art piece.
  • Artwork hung in a room where people will almost always be seated (dining, family room, etc.) should be hung 3” to 4” lower than if the people were viewing it standing (60” from the middle of the picture to the floor).
  • Walls less than 36” wide do not necessarily need art.
  • If hanging 2 or more pictures horizontally, hang them approximately 2” to 4” apart. If hanging vertically, 1 to 2” apart.  Remember it is all about connecting and if the pictures are hung too far apart they disconnect.
  • Want to hang a grouping? Have a cohesive theme.  It may be subject matter, colors, or frame size.  There should be a reason to hang the items together.
  • Size matters! General rule of thumb is 2/3s of the space (wall) or the piece of furniture it is relating to should be filled.
  • Have a brick or stone fireplace and wondering what art would look best? I have found that if the background is busy (brick with grout lines and stone with the different shapes and various colors) a piece of art with a simple subject matter looks best.  If you have painted sheetrock or wood, then any right size piece of art will work.
  • Some of the popular designers on HGTV hang mirrors over fireplaces but I do not recommend you do so. Most of the time people are seated in a family room and if they look up at the mirror hung above the mantle all they see is a ceiling fan or the ceiling. Mirrors should be hung where they reflect something beautiful.

Need help with making decorating decisions for your home or just need a ‘jump start’ to help with updating your home?  Give ReDESIGNS by Ava a call.


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