ReDESIGNS by Ava: If Your Walls Could Talk….


If Your Walls Could Talk….

So many times I have said, “I would love to be a fly on the wall,” and would be talking about something that was going on in a room that I could not see or hear…. but would be interested in doing so. Yes, I know a fly couldn’t tell me any info about what was said or done in a room, but what if walls could talk?  What would they say about the room they define?  Would they want to tell you about what you could do to make the room more beautiful and comfortable for your family?  Here are a few things your walls might tell you if they could talk:

  • Measure your space before buying furniture. Don’t just purchase because it’s a good price…. make sure it works in your room.
  • Find the focal point and arrange the furniture around it.
  • Pull the furniture away from the wall and create conversation areas.
  • Use the right size area rug to define your space.
  • Choose comfortable furniture.
  • Anchor a rug under the bed at the foot; not the head. When buying a rug for your bedroom, add the width of your bed plus 2 feet or more on each side so when you step out of bed, your feet are on the rug. Put 2/3s of your bed on the rug.  An 8’ x 10’ (11’) works well for a queen size and a 9’ x 12’ for a king.
  • Mix it up. Adding a few antiques in with new furniture pieces brings warmth to a room.
  • Hang window treatments just below the ceiling to give a room the illusion of height. (Rooms with cathedral ceilings draw an imaginary line at 9’ to 10’.)
  • Place at least 3 lamps to form a triangle in a room to distribute the light around the room.
  • Hang art at the right level. Measure and find the center height of the art and that should be approximately 60” from the floor.  Lower 3 to 4” if the art will be viewed while you are sitting down.
  • Not only should the art be hung at the right level but also the size of the art you hang should be proportioned to the wall or the object it is hung over. If hanging over a console, bed, mantle, etc., let the 2/3s rule help you decide. For example, your mantle is 72” wide…divide into thirds = 24” x 2 = 48” … 48” is the space you need to fill with art. Use this as a guide…it can be a few inches less or a few inches more.
  • Show a few legs. Too many legs (sofa, chair and table) used in a room or none used is not as attractive as mixing furniture with legs with furniture that goes to the floor such as consoles or upholstered pieces with skirts.
  • Hang mirrors where they reflect something beautiful in the room or an outside view.
  • Bring life into the room with green plants.

Need help? If your walls aren’t talking to you, give ReDESIGNS by Ava a call to help you create a beautiful home… one room at a time.


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