Redesigns by Ava: Create a Happy Place

“Your home should be your haven.  It should be a place where you feel welcomed.  It’s your safe place in the world to create memories and live out dreams.” ~ Melissa Michaels

Joanna Gaines of HGTV’s Fixer Upper fame says, “Home is my happy place.”  I can relate because I love those days I can be at home and not have to go anywhere.  While the houses we have lived in through the years have not always been “perfect,” I have always believed that with a little work, my husband and I could make it a comfortable inviting home for our family and friends. You may feel the place you call ‘home’ is not perfect, or it is not your dream house, and your budget doesn’t allow for updates.  Here are a few things that won’t cost a lot of money and can help you create a beautiful home you and your family can call your “happy place”:

Clear the clutter.  Doesn’t cost money; only a little work on your part can make a huge difference in the way your home is presented.

Give your front door a fresh coat of paint.  Consider the color of your roof, brick, or siding, and choose a complementary color. Add a pretty seasonal wreath.

Shop your home.  Do you have a dresser that could be repurposed as a buffet, a TV console, or a chest in your foyer?  An end table that could be used as a bedside table?  An ottoman that could be used as a coffee table?  A console/sofa table that could be used as a desk?

Rearrange your existing furniture.  You might be surprised at the fresh new look you will get.

Learn to sew. Sewing pillows and simple window treatments is easy and can be fun….and will save you money.  That’s the very reason I learned to sew many years ago…..that and two little girls I wanted to make cute clothes for. There are many YouTube videos that will assist you with sewing projects.

Give an old lamp a new shade.

Freshen up your bathroom with a new shower curtain and new towels.

Hang a mirror.  Well-placed, a mirror can make a small room seem larger.  Always hang your mirror to reflect something beautiful.

Purchase only things that you really love; not just something to fill a space or just because it’s a good deal.

Shop yard sales, thrift stores, consignment stores, Craig’s List, etc. for items that with a little TLC can be just the piece you need for your home.

Give a room a new coat of paint in a fresh new color. This will give you more bang for your buck than just about anything you can do.

Refurbish a piece of furniture by painting with chalk paint.  The chalk paints come in beautiful colors and the painting process is so easy.

With a little imagination and a little money, you can add a whole lot of style and create a beautiful home that can be your “happy place.”

Thank you for reading my column each month.  It is my pleasure to share decorating ideas to help you create a beautiful home.  Give ReDesigns by Ava a call for help with your next decorating project.


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