ReDesigns by Ava: Use What You Have Decorating

Style is not about the latest trend; it’s about making the most of what you have. ~ Barbara Berry

I have often said that by adding one new item to my home, I am inspired to clean and rearrange.  It does take me more time to clean my own house than it takes most people to clean theirs because I am constantly thinking about how things can be used differently….a gift, but also a curse. The gift is that I have an avenue through Interior Redesign to use the talent God has given me to help others feel better about their homes, using their ‘stuff.’ The best part? I love my job! The curse is that my mind never shuts down; I am constantly decorating and redesigning.

By using your ‘stuff,’ an Interior Redesign can give you a whole new look.

So how does a redesign work?

  • I consult with my client to see how the room is used, how many people need to be seated and where the husband sits to watch TV, where the wife sits, etc.
  • The room is cleared of accessories, art, and furniture…leaving the largest pieces of furniture in the room.
  • A focal point is established and architectural details are taken into consideration.
  • The home is shopped for possible accessories and furniture.
  • The furniture is placed in the room creating conversation areas and allowing plenty of space for traffic flow.
  • Lamps are placed to provide adequate lighting.
  • Artwork is hung.
  • Green plants are placed to add color, height and texture.
  • The icing on the cake….placement of accessories completes the room.

It doesn’t matter how expensive or trendy your ‘stuff’ is, or even if everything matches, by reusing and repurposing, an Interior Redesign is affordable decorating at its finest. Before you go shopping for something new or for something you love but doesn’t fit your décor, shop your home; make the most of what you have.

Redesigns by Ava is available to help you with an Interior Redesign, a remodel or update, paint or fabric consultation or if you just need a plan to help you ‘jump start’ a decorating project. Call to schedule an appointment.

A Recent Thank You Note From a Client:

“Mere words do not seem adequate to say thank you for what you have done for us.  Our house is a home because of your guidance.  I was paralyzed with indecision at furniture stores but with my “Ava map” it was fun instead of scary. If not for you, I’m sure my husband and I would be sitting in lawn chairs watching a TV sitting on a milk crate.  Your gift of redesigning is truly a gift from God.  Thank you for being generous with it.”



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