ReDESIGNS by Ava: Does Your Home Need An Update?

“We have all heard how you can tell the year a woman graduated from high school by the way she wears her hair and makeup.  It is a dead giveaway if she is still wearing a poodle skirt and a flip; we know she probably grew up watching Dick Clark’s American Bandstand.” ~ JoAnne Lenert Weary

More and more of my business is interior decorating.  Clients contact me because they want help updating their homes.  Help with choosing paint colors, flooring, countertops, fabrics, light fixtures, or new furniture…… my job is to help them make wise decisions.

Besides being bored with how your home looks or how your home is deteriorating around you, just how do you know if you need to do some updating?  Here are some dead giveaways:

  • Does the fabric, wallpaper, or paint have a country look with blue and mauve? What about the ‘90s look with burgundies and hunter green?
  • How about your kitchen? Are the countertops ceramic tile or laminate?
  • And your lamps….are they tall and have an eagle on them? Is the shade showing its age by the style…..or by the dust?
  • Dust can be an indicator when it comes to your floral arrangements or if the arrangement itself is dense and compact.
  • Have your accessories sat in the same spot for so long you don’t even notice them anymore, or do they have a permanent ring around them? Are your tabletops filled with years of accumulation of picture frames, knick-knacks, paddy whacks ….and is there a bone?
  • A sure sign of age is too much clutter! Not just magazines and papers, but too much stuff! You bring it in one piece at a time and then never want to give it up or give it away.
  • Is the artwork staggered on the wall? Is the artwork purchased from a Home Interiors party circa1989? Or is it the kids’ school photos but now the “kids” have kids of their own?
  • Does your home have popcorn ceilings, paneled walls, polished brass door and cabinet hardware?

Unfortunately updates or remodel projects don’t happen as fast or as cheap as they do on HGTV.  It takes time, money and planning…..and lots of patience! Kitchens and baths are the most important rooms in a home, not only for the homeowner but for a potential buyer if you ever decide to sell. Your home is worth more if these rooms are updated….plus; you’ll enjoy your new space.

Keep your hair and makeup updated, so you look younger and hipper than your age!  Take good care of yourself, and everyone will be amazed when you disclose your true age.  Do the same for your home… ReDESIGNS by Ava to help you with some simple fixes or help with your project, so no one really is sure when the last time you updated your home.


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