5 Tips for Using Instagram to Market Your Business

By Abigail Gleason Instagram has an impressive 1 billion active users globally each month. While it doesn’t really hold a candle to Facebook or Facebook’s Messenger platform, a billion folks on one platform is nothing to scoff at. Here are a few tips for leveraging Instagram for your business. Set “Smart” Goals Personally, I’m sick […]

Conversations with My BFF: What’s My Reason for Being Here?

BY REBECCA COOPER  We all come to a point in life when we start questioning if we are doing what we are supposed to be doing. That may come in your 20s, but it usually comes in your 40s or later. The shorter our lives become, the more we want to make our days and […]

5 Tools You Need to Become the Strong Female Leader You Were Made To Be

Women are natural born leaders. We see it everyday in the way that they show up for their friends, care for and keep their families running, make changes in their communities, serve in their churches, and find new ways to elevate themselves, regardless of their situation. So, when it comes to leadership roles across industries […]

Teddy Bear Trims Dog Grooming: Luxury House Call Grooming Service

BY ADELE CASNOVA Would having a caring and knowledgeable pet groomer come into to your home and offer your pet a fear-free grooming experience be a dream come true? That experience is now a reality in the Winston-Salem area with Teddy Bear Trims Dog Grooming.  Sydney Eley has created this new business in order to […]

Switch It Up With Snazzier Summer Salads

You know the old adage. . . “An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” but how about a salad a day? Your body, mind, and overall health will benefit from eating greens on a daily basis. Keep diseases and aging at bay with a salad a day! The reasons to go for greens are […]

Becoming a Gardner

It’s easy to appreciate a beautiful garden. Beautiful flowers in an array of colors draw your eye, and you can’t help but enjoy it. However, it may be overwhelming to think about learning to garden if you have never tried. But don’t fret, if you start out small and give yourself a chance, you might […]

But I Feel Like a Fraud: Imposter Syndrome and How To Beat It

BY JEN OLENICZAK BROWN I can’t do that; I’m not important enough. They are going to figure out I shouldn’t be here. Why did they pick me? I’m just me. Chances are you’ve thought this or something like this at least once. And I would be willing to bet my very best and beloved houseplants […]

Back on Track

When it comes to sports, almost every group gets a chance to showcase their talents. But during one period in time, those with special needs and disabilities were left as spectators; they were not allowed to enjoy that type of play. But this changed in 1968 when John F. Kennedy’s sister, Eunice Kennedy Shriver, started […]

Finding Balance This Summer

BY MIKE MCGILVARY, FINANCIAL ADVISOR For many, summertime is a most joyous time of year. Local students trade their notebooks and pencils for fun in the sun. The annual family trip that everyone looks forward to is finally here, and sometimes even full-time working professionals can take well-deserved time away from their daily responsibilities. However, […]

Good Gravy!

The term “gravy” is practically synonymous with Thanksgiving.  So why are we talking about it in July?  The history of gravy goes back to the Middle Ages, and for Americans, it’s a staple.  While your first image of gravy may be a dish served beside a perfectly roasted turkey, it’s a creation that is diverse […]

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