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Downsizing seems to be a buzz word I have heard many times in the last several years. Having helped several clients do just that by helping them decide what pieces of furniture would fit into their new place, helping purchase new pieces, choosing updates for the new house, or placing furniture and hanging pictures once they moved. Many empty-nesters or newly retired folks are beginning to think about the possibility of downsizing.

I can’t imagine my grandparents or even my parents ever having this thought. They built a house and lived in it their entire lives. My mother still lives in the house she and my dad built over 70 years ago. Like my family and possibly yours, the property they live or lived on is our family ‘home place.’ Our society today is more mobile, and it is highly unlikely you will stay in one house…or one place for life.

While you may want to downsize because you no longer need as much space, you want less home maintenance, you want to free up your cash flow or have more time to travel and enjoy life, many are choosing to upsize or right-size. Yes, there are many good reasons to downsize, but please consider the cost of selling and the cost of moving… may be more costly to downsize.

Many are choosing to upsize, whether it’s for selfish reasons such as they feel they have worked hard all their lives, their children are grown, and they want a larger home with all the bells and whistles, and they can now afford it, or they are having to accommodate aging parents or adult children. They may also be considering upsizing because they need more space when their kids and grandchildren come to visit. Many retirees or empty-nesters are very active and want to live near activities and choose to live in a community geared to the activities they love, and it may cost more to live there than their present house.

Right-sizing may be the best option. People often love their homes and neighborhoods and don’t want to move because of the memories made there with their families and want to find ways to stay put. With a few updates, improvements and modifications, right-sizing may cost less than moving, and allow people to age in place.

Any of these choices need to be made wisely when the time comes to consider upsizing, downsizing or rightsizing. There are pros and cons to any of these options I have mentioned. If you would like to discuss the options, give me a call….336.345.2929.

ReDESIGNS by Ava would love to assist you in making decorating choices if you plan to downsize, upsize or right-size.


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