Q & A with a Gingerbread Artist

First, please tell us who you are!

I am Lindsay Deibler and I am a gingerbread artist, as well as a professional Interior Designer (Lindsay Deibler Interiors). I live in Winston-Salem, NC with my husband and two boys, 16 and 13. Competing in gingerbread competitions has become a side passion of mine that happened very organically. A little over ten years ago I started to make cakes as a way to channel creative energy and to see if I could make them like Duff Goldman of Charm City Cakes or Buddy Valastro of Carlos Bakery, who were featured on Food Network at the time. I took a couple of cake decorating classes at Micheal’s and my interest peaked.

How did you begin competing?

It had been suggested to me by several different people off and on through the years that I should enter The National Gingerbread Competition held in Asheville, NC, at The Omni Grove Park Inn. I always thought, “I have no idea about gingerbread, so why would I do that?” Then along came the Brenners Children’s Hospital Festival of Trees event and gingerbread houses could be made that would be auctioned off for charity. That was my chance to see what that gingerbread stuff was all about. So I went big and decided to create two uniquely designed houses and had a lot of fun.

Have you ever entered The National Gingerbread Competition?

For the first time in 2017, after doing the Brenners event years prior, I decided to enter The National Gingerbread Competition. A good family friend’s daughter had entered the competition before and she was my inspiration for deciding to compete. I created my gingerbread piece, “Under the Sea,” and was so excited. My neighbor had cut my baseboard in a unique shape, and my family/friends loved it. I was confident in my edible artwork.  My son and I pulled up to the hotel to drop-off my piece for display, then out rushed a camera crew to film the car parked next to us. The trunk to this minivan opened, and I basically felt like rays of light were shooting out, and there was this AMAZING gingerbread creation. I was frozen and quickly realized I was entering a new dimension of talented artists. I was ready to drive back home when my son who was more mature than me at age eight said my piece was amazing, too, and I needed to still enter. He was so proud of my work; I needed to show him quitting was not an option. I entered and was hooked. I was blown away by the talent and amazing things people did with gingerbread and knew I could figure this out for the following year. So, I have entered the past four years!

How did you learn?

After my first year competing, I was introduced to another competitor who runs a Facebook group called Gingerfriends. Amazing group if you are interested in learning more, it is a page to ask questions, share techniques, etc. (all things gingerbread). I was so intrigued about how to make edible art. By going to competitions you meet other competitors who are willing to share how they create things. You learn that using plain ole edible gingerbread may not be the way to go, though some competitors use it. I have had more success with construction grade gingerbread. Ha! Yes, it is a thing, so edible but most likely you would break a tooth trying to bite into it as you need to bake it at a low and slow temperature to create rock hard pieces. I also have been lucky enough to take some gingerbread classes from some of the best.

What competitions have you entered?

  • 2021 1st Annual GIngerfriends Competition

“People’s Choice Award” “Follow The Yellow Brick Road”

  • 2020 Bailey’s Fine Jewelry 1st Gingerbread House Competition, Raleigh, NC – 1st Place

“The Finishing Touch” 2020 Savannah Gingerbread Trail, GA – 3rd Place “Sweets and Treats Trading Post”

  • 2019 Heart of the Holidays Town of Cary, NC- 1st Place

“Cute As A Button”

  • 2019 Carolina Classic Fair, Winston-Salem, NC- 1st Place

“Fair Flowers”

  • The National Gingerbread Competition, Asheville, NC- 2017-2020

How do you start?

Sign up! Gingerbread competitions are usually free to enter — give it a go! The National Gingerbread Competition registration typically opens in July and drop off for entries are usually the weekend before Thanksgiving each year. All ages can enter most all competitions. Follow my webpage for competition updates, recipes and more (www.gingergingerbreadlady.com).


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