Purpose Push: Remaining Grateful in the Hard Times

It’s safe to say we know our lives will not be filled with positive and prosperous moments every single day. There is negativity and evil in the world that fights against our best efforts and some battles are harder than others. As I keep maturing and gaining more victories under my belt, I’ve noticed one important detail. From the very beginning, the battle is already won! No matter how tumultuous, God has already fixed the fight in our favor. Oftentimes, our unique battles are aimed to prune us and make us stronger for the next fight. It can sound exhausting simply realizing we will be fighting against forces our entire lives, but we have one thing that makes it bearable and keeps a smile on our faces through the toughest times. That’s grace.

We don’t truly know why humans were tasked with living an earthly experience before we move on to be with the Lord – and even that sentence is debatable but that’s not the point today. One thing I know for sure is that we were not sent to Earth to live toxic and oppressing lives. He doesn’t even want us to live mediocre lives. The Bible tells us that He wants abundance and peace for our lives and “has plans to prosper us, not harm us” (Jeremiah 29:11 NIV). But God always gives us the option to choose our fate. He will never be forceful with His will.

So if it’s easy to choose to lament over your challenges, can it be just as easy to choose gratefulness?

My answer is yes.

Some may argue it’s easier said than done, but if you set up your days to always see God working in your life, it will become second nature to smile at the challenges that come your way because you know it’s already handled.

Keeping a track record of your answered prayers is an extremely effective way to remember that God is always listening to you. Look back on these often and you’ll see how your stress and worry about the outcome was pointless because God prevailed. Going forward, allow that to bring you serenity and confirmation that you will not fall without getting back up stronger. And who doesn’t want to be stronger? It’s almost a mind trick, but it can truly transform your mindset to welcome the challenges and get excited for what victories you’ll gain from the next battle.

Abiding in God makes it easy to remain joyful in the toughest times. The Bible has answers to every problem we will face in life, including business, relationships, mental health, family and anything else. Immerse yourself in a good study bible that’s easy to comprehend so you can find scriptures easily to help you combat your obstacles. I recommend the Life Application Study Bible.

I write all of this to say, God loves you no matter what you do! You are no better or worse than the person who chooses to complain and lament. But how easier would your life be if you remained grateful at all times? Think about this scripture going forward: “Consider how the wild flowers grow…Not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these. If that is how God clothes the grass of the field, which is here today, and tomorrow is thrown into the fire, how much more will he clothe you?…” (Luke 12:27-28 NIV)

Do your best to remain grateful in the hard times and at all times. I have faith in you.

Sheridan C. Watkins is a journalist and the owner of Perennial Peaces (formerly Shairpins), a jewelry and gifts brand focused on transcending self-worth to all women. Her true work began after climbing out of a dark place with the help of God and therapy, and her life mission is to provide tangible peace through her Divine gifts to help women heal and transform their lives. Follow the mission on Instagram and Facebook: @perennialpeaces


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