Planters You Didn’t Plan On: How to Discover Clever & Stylish Homes for Your Favorite Plants

When was the last time you walked down the gardening aisle and felt overwhelmingly… well, underwhelmed? Shelf after shelf stack the same ceramic pots and planters with the same primary or terracotta color schemes and high price tags hinting to you that something better is out there, but what?

As the warmer weather has you welcoming the gardening season, take time to step back and envision how you want your plant-filled spaces to feel overall. Give yourself the creative freedom to think outside the box when it comes to finding homes for green and growing friends!

As you add plants to your indoor and outdoor spaces this spring, here are five different styles (with planters to match) that you can embrace!

#1 Classic a traditionalist to the core!

Come gardening season, you look to find planters and outdoor accents that come together to support your taste for the recognizable, simple beauties that highlight your plant life. This could be finding large statement pieces such as oversized urn style or wooden box planters for your front door to add curb appeal!

#2 Farmhouse – a lover of modern comfort & rustic charm!

Creating looks that bring in comfort and coziness from your garden beds to your front porch take priority! Mixing different plants that offer an array of textures and dainty blossoms that drape and cascade complement farmhouse charm across the whole house. Try uncovering the charm in everyday objects and vintage finds making planters out of a copper colander, white vase, vintage tea tins, or old milk bottles!

#3 Playful & Fun – a throwback to childlike imagination!

Mother Nature’s gifts of plants are meant to be enjoyed by grown ups and children alike! Taking time to create playful nods to the things of childhood that made you smile can create a fun, nostalgic garden, outdoor area or even an indoor playroom or half bath that shows off your favorite plants! Try gathering a few old plastic dinosaur figurines, troll dolls, sports balls, or old play cars that can have their centers carved out to make space for soil and plants!

#4 Outdoor Oasis – a frequent friend of rest & relaxation!

You know the power of transforming a space to help take the tiresome moments of the days or weeks elsewhere! Utilizing plants and planters around your front patio or back porch in ways that remind you of far off destinations with island spas and retreats can make your home that much more enjoyable. Embrace items like old mosaic birdbaths, bamboo planters, or tiki torches carved out for succulents, and reflective seaglass sprinkled along the soiled edges of pots.

#5 Eclectic – an appreciation for the fun and funky!

A home should reflect those who live in it and your gardening and planting this season should help reflect the same! Choose items that put a smile on your face and give purpose to things that may otherwise no longer serve a purpose. Add a funky touch to your spaces through creating planters out of repurposed goods like old rain boots, a broken birdhouse, an old tire or even an old bicycle that you can spray paint a favorite color.

This season get your gardening gloves ready and dig in, remembering it’s about creating and highlighting your favorite spaces with your own personal style!


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