Photo RAMIT Productions: Making Memories at Your Corporate Events!

Special events always call for something a little extra, even magical — and with Photo RAMIT Productions on your “party team” — the possibilities are endless!

If you’re the lucky planner of a corporate event — and yes, October means we’re already making holiday schedules! — book their services now! We guarantee guests will thank you, and the fun moments Photo RAMIT provides will become the most talked-about memories! 

Year-round, you’ll also want to consider adding the excitement of photo booths to various events such as anniversary dinners, employee appreciation gatherings, retail grand openings, conferences, fundraisers, real estate open houses, bridal expos, and retirement celebrations. 

There’s always something to celebrate, and photo booths can enhance the fun and memorability of these diverse events!  

You’ll always have three photo booths to choose from: The Social Booth for an easy-going crowd, the Magic Mirror Booth (think modern and sleek!), or the 360 Degree Photo Booth — the newest technology that “wows” your guests like nothing else. With all standard packages, you can expect a delightful attendant, premium party props, a stunning backdrop, an aesthetically pleasing setup, and an early arrival to guarantee that everything runs seamlessly!

The addition of their Roaming Photography service is also a popular choice, given that it involves capturing the visual appeal of the event, including the pre-guest arrival setup and delectable cuisine! The photographer will capture candid moments of your guests as they mingle, have a great time, and even receive awards or presentations if that’s part of your event. Considering the investment in this event, maximizing your guests’ experience with their bundled packages is a great idea. These packages combine photo booth and roaming photography services, ensuring that every moment of your event is captured and preserved for lasting memories.

Hosting an amazing event for your business can be a powerful way to enhance your brand and corporate image. Photo RAMIT Productions can assist your company in making a memorable impression and accomplishing your marketing objectives. Their team is dedicated to understanding your unique requirements and tailoring their services accordingly. These customizations encompass various aspects, such as incorporating your company’s logo onto the photo booth template, designing step-and-repeat backdrops, and customizing the appearance of photo booths. Additionally, all photo booths are equipped with a built-in option for email and text sharing. This feature makes enhancing your brand’s online presence easy when shared on social media platforms!

So, what can your guests expect? They’ll enjoy hours of socialization and entertainment with the assistance of their booth attendants. Event attendees can pick up a fun prop, strike amusing or silly poses, and do it as many times as they like. While nothing quite matches the instant joy of the photo booth experience, event guests can relive those enjoyable moments through printed or digital photos. For a glimpse of their creative work and to see some enjoyable examples from all three photo booths, make sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram @photoramitproductions.

As you begin thinking about those upcoming holiday gatherings, or if you’re in the process of organizing any other type of event, please reach out to Photo RAMIT Productions! Call them at 336-462-8552, send an email to, follow them on instagram or visit their website at


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