Paint the wall already! How to Push Past Decision Fatigue and Finally Decorate Your Space

Paint the wall already!

How to Push Past Decision Fatigue and Finally Decorate Your Space


I was seven months pregnant, and after an afternoon with far too many hours spent scouring Pinterest for the perfect paint color for our dining room, I had a realization. I wondered just how often we, as women, fall guilty to living in wait when it comes to decorating? Surely I wasn’t the first to be excited over the thought of a newly decorated space, only to relinquish it for decision fatigue instead.

Just how many episodes of Fixer Upper does it take to make our brains stop feeling comfortable with what we want and start making us ask WWJD – “What would Joanna do?” While we can find inspiration all around us, it can often become a bit overwhelming figuring out which path we actually want to take to the point where time marches on and we don’t take a single step.

That same afternoon I looked at my well-thought-out Pinterest board filled with dining room options and made the decision to make a decision! I got in the car, drove to Home Depot, and proudly walked up (correction, waddled up) to the paint counter and requested the bright blue color I had chosen. And there it was – every bit of excitement I had in the beginning when I initially set out to create a dining room I’d love was back!

Shut Out the Noise

How do we lead with what we initially want and crave for the spaces we dwell? How do we push past the thoughts of “what could be” or “what others would choose” and just take the leap into curating special places in our bedrooms and back yards? The truth is by shutting out the noise.

In a world where every decision of our family, friends, and strangers on the internet seem to greet us on the other side of a screen, it can be difficult to concentrate on what you really want without comparison. Additionally, there lies the question of “What if?” Such a simple one but it’s one that is met with all the subconscious answers of what could happen if you chose all the other choices out there. Knowing you have unlimited options can sometimes be less empowering and more likely to have you finding difficulty in finally committing to something. Try your best to shut out the noise of all the other scenarios and concentrate on what you want most.

Envision the Space 

While you may think that decorating is simply about the way a space looks, there are so many other aspects to consider. When you’re feeling overwhelmed with options for the area you’re looking to revamp, take a moment to envision your use of the space. Who is the space mostly for? What will you be doing in it? How do you want to feel when you’re in it? What time of day or night is it typically occupied?

Encourage yourself to role-play a bit in the space you’re decorating. Imagine if you were doing all the things you just envisioned and it was decorated in the different options you’re thinking about. Does it feel right? Is something missing? Or feels amiss? This will absolutely help you feel more confident in your decision-making.

Just Go for It 

Something that might be holding you back is the fear of “What if I make the wrong decision?” In my experience, the best way to conquer fears is to ask yourself, “What is the worst-case scenario there?” For instance, if you have been coveting the idea of a dark accent wall in your bedroom but are scared you might hate it, what would happen? You’d paint it, stand back and think, “What have I done?” and then have to paint over it. Would it be the end of the world? Not even close.

Take risks and have fun decorating. It’s not about creating a picture-perfect, social media inspired space. It’s about curating the things that bring joy to your life and having spaces that reflect who you and your family are. So deck the kitchen out in vintage throwbacks that remind you of your childhood, paint the bathroom a crazy color that makes you smile every morning, frame the artwork your kids made, and hang it up in the stairwell! Rip the Band-Aid off one decision at a time and decorate to your heart’s content!


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