“Is that an orange in your purse?” and Other Questions to Prepare for When Dieting

You’ve decided to make a change. The groceries in your shopping cart and the portions on your plate are looking a little different than usual. There is a little more pep in your step, and you’re feeling good about your food choices. Even the scale in your bathroom has been dusted off and is starting to feel more inviting.

You, my friend, are on a diet!

With all the positivity that is coming from this new venture of yours, we all know that when it comes to any decision we make in our personal lives, there will always be opinions from those around us. (And oh, how they will be ready and eager to make their presence known!) Of course, dieting is no different. While the decision to make changes to one’s nutrition and food intake may seem like a personal one that only involves yourself, alas, it is not.

Be prepared to navigate a variety of comments and questions during your pursuit of a healthier lifestyle.

Is that an orange in your purse?

Orange, banana, apple, cut up pineapple in a Ziploc bag – pick your poison! When you are trying to eat right, stop cravings, or avoid that potluck spread on the break table you’ve got to be prepared. Keeping a little snack in your purse is never a bad idea but know that wandering eyes will be keen to point out your on-the-go snack of choice. Often someone may show shock or even concern that you’ve somehow been able to swindle a produce department inside your purse like some sort of Mary Poppins character! Continue to pack your healthy option and let them ponder at your magic abilities.

You really think one bite will hurt you?

That familiar voice of sabotage, sometimes hiding under the disguise of friendship and humorous sarcasm can certainly find you at the wrong time.  As someone who has survived countless birthday party and potluck encounters, let me tell you this question always gets me. While the answer may be, “No, this singular bite of food will not bring me to my misery and defeat, Barbara,” it’s not a discussion. Sure, one bite may seem appealing, but for many who are choosing to eliminate or monitor certain food groups, it can be challenging to leave it at just one bite. Don’t let this question persuade you to do anything you weren’t planning to do while sticking to your new nutrition plan!

How many times have you peed today? 

One of the very first moves towards a healthier lifestyle that most people begin with is staying hydrated and drinking more water. While in theory consuming more water could only lead to positive benefits such as healthier skin, less toxins in the body, and increased energy, there is one additional thing you may notice. I’m talking about more bathroom breaks than usual! When you’re locating the nearest restroom as you pace the mall with friends or stepping away from co-workers during long meetings, don’t be caught off guard when asked where all those little stops are coming from. While people may try to make your business, their business (pun intended), you can educate them on the wonderful health benefits of adding more water to their routine.

Don’t you think you’ve been dieting long enough?

One thing I can almost guarantee is that your diet will feel longer to you than anyone else. After all, you’re the one making the change and living your life. As long as you’ve consulted your doctor before making a severe change in your diet and exercise routine, then you should be fine to continue on your dieting path. Sometimes people try to ask this question in place of a complimenting you; “You look wonderful, why would you need to keep dieting?” You may also encounter the question out of insecurity on their end; “OK, you’ve proved you can do better than me and I don’t have the same discipline.” Regardless, you know your own body and health goals, so trust that you will make the decision to alter your eating choices as needed.


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