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Next-level care from Amanda Cooksey, PA

With incredible, life-long support from a family who has always been a part of the medical field, Amanda Cooksey, PA, has arrived in a competitive profession with all the talent and drive needed to achieve her own dreams.

In her first year as a PA with Novant Health Vein Specialists, Cooksey has felt blessed to become a permanent part of the Winston-Salem community, has found a church family, and is choosing to make this her home while treating patients of Novant Health Vein Specialists.

Originally from Charlotte, and still very close to her parents and brother there, Cooksey has felt empowered with her choice to begin her career in the Triad. She completed her undergrad studies at UNC Chapel Hill, and PA school at Wake Forest University. Being a PA was a natural choice, given her people-oriented personality, and an option her aunt – an ob-gyn – suggested, knowing Cooksey would enjoy the patient interaction. During clinical rotations in PA school, she spent time in the operating room, clinic, and in the field – enjoying that every day was different and that care could be both broad and specialized, all at once.

Since joining Novant Health Vein Specialists, Cooksey has been continually impressed with the talents and experience of all the providers, and particularly inspired by Ashley Rickey, MD.

Observing how Dr. Rickey balances work life with raising a family is also empowering, and such a positive role model for women entering the field.  “Society can put women in one mold or another,” said Cooksey, who looks forward to having a family herself one day. “It’s inspiring to see you don’t always have to choose.”

Cooksey also admires Novant Health’s focus on community medicine. “Even outside the vascular group, all the Novant Health providers are very supportive, and I find other groups within the system to be very approachable,” said Cooksey. “They are all so respectful and let me have a voice. Our work is very peer-to-peer oriented.”


For someone considering the PA field, especially a female, Cooksey encourages always pursuing your goals. “Create your own opportunities,” she said. “Shadow a PA and continue to network outside your comfort zone. Always maintain your humility, but certainly be confident in your skills.”

In other words, go for it! Like Cooksey did when she was asked to be involved in Forsyth Woman magazine’s inaugural Women on the Move Conference in March of 2022, to speak on behalf of Novant Health Vein Specialists, a Platinum Sponsor of the event. It was the perfect local platform to talk about her role as a PA, the importance of taking care of your health, and the strong values Novant Health providers share within the community. All those messages reinforce the life goal of truly believing in yourself, and seeing how far your dreams can take you!

Novant Health Vein Specialists has 10 experienced vascular providers you can trust to meet your needs, both in-person and virtually. The care team uses the latest technology to provide advanced, individualized programs and treatments, and the clinic also offers free monthly screenings at the Winston-Salem location. The remaining 2022 dates are Oct. 4 and 20; Nov. 1 and 17; and Dec. 1 and 6. There’s always a chance you’ll get to meet Amanda at your screening!

For more information or to schedule an appointment, visit or call 336-276-0776.


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