New Year’s Resolution Idea: Get Over Your Fear of Blogging (& First Dates)

Blogging can boost your SEO rankings, engage new and existing customers, and help grow your business. Up your blogging (and maybe dating) game with these tips!

1. Creep on ‘em.

You wouldn’t head out on a date without doing some background research, would you? 

No, because that’s how people go missing. You have to creep on potential mates before making any commitments. Similarly, you need to do your research before you start blogging willy nilly. 

2. Reel ‘em in.

Like a good pick-up line, a great headline gets the recipient’s attention, sparks interest without revealing all of your secrets, and keeps it short and sweet (65 characters or less for SEO purposes). Note: this character limit is optional for pick-up lines, but highly encouraged.

3. Photograph ‘em.

The selfie, the (fake) candid, the group shot — you wouldn’t create a profile on a dating app without a few snapshots of you in your best light, would you? No! Make sure your blog posts have a featured image to give them a little extra “oomph.” 

4. Chat ‘em up. 

A quick, catchy introduction can work wonders for your blogging and dating skills. Remember, the introduction doesn’t need to cover your life story. A good introduction offers a few highlights about what the rest of the blog post (or date) has to offer.

5. Wine ‘em. 

A good lead-in for a blog post is like an appetizer and pre-dinner drinks: enjoyable and easily digestible, but not too heavy. A lead-in works by reminding you that though you’re enjoying the wine and bruschetta, you’re still hungry for more.

6. Dine ‘em.

You’ve made it this far without your audience skipping out between the small talk and the appetizers, so now you just have to keep the conversation going. Pro tip: No one likes an oversharer. Stay focused and make your point in a calm, clear, and conversational tone. 

7. Leave ‘em wanting more.

Hey, just because they’ve reached the end of the meal doesn’t mean the date has to end. A witty, friendly call to action gives your audience an opportunity to sign up for an email list, read another article, or contact you with follow-up questions.

8. Give ‘em your address.

Make sure your preferred contact information is easily available to your audience. Disclaimer: this particular tip is great blogging advice, but maybe (read: definitely) not great dating advice.

Nu expression has some pretty nifty blog writers here in our office. You, too, can harness their research skills, SEO prowess, and random collection of fun facts for your own blog. Drop us a line at 336-765-5505 and schedule your free consultation with Nu today!


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