Need Ideas for Spring? Here’s a Checklist

Usher in the new season with a fresh to-do list for spring. Get outdoors, see what’s beautifully in bloom and experience nature, or stay inside and banish boredom!


  • Give your dog and your car a bath
  • Have a bite and a sip as you peruse a local festival
  • Pick a bouquet of herbs or flowers for yourself or a loved one
  • Go shopping at an outdoor mall
  • Enjoy your local park
  • Visit a local farm and pick up some fresh eggs
  • Go to the zoo
  • Have a fun kids-at-heart day at a playground
  • Blow bubbles and play games on the grass
  • Put on some rollerblades, roller skates or hop on a skateboard and hit the streets
  • Practice tai chi
  • Bike around town
  • Have a picnic
  • Host an outdoor tea party (pinkies out, everyone)!
  • Play golf or miniature golf
  • Go hiking, fishing and camping
  • Check out LIVE music shows and concerts
  • Fly a kite in a field or along the beach
  • Try a horseback riding lesson
  • Have fun at an amusement or water park
  • See what’s in season and go fruit picking
  • Go out to eat, sit outside and enjoy a drink at a new coffeeshop, restaurant, or bar
  • Attend a group meet-up based on shared interests and hobbies
  • Visit a local winery, learn about wines and enjoy a wine tasting
  • Skip stones across the water
  • Soak up the sun, sand and surf at the beach – bring your swimsuit, sandals and sunscreen
  • Host a spring party event – don’t forget to decorate with fresh flowers


  • Get cultured and go see a play, opera or ballet
  • Visit an aquarium
  • Go around the rink at your local skating joint
  • Check out the newest movie
  • Gallery hop and visit a museum
  • Join a gym and hit the pool, followed by the steam room and sauna
  • Work with a wellness or fitness coach, personal trainer or nutritionist to get in shape
  • Get pampered with a mani, pedi, facial and massage at a salon or spa
  • Send out spring cards to your loved ones
  • Take a genealogy test and discover your genetic make-up
  • Get your hair done with cut and color for a whole new you
  • Try lash extensions and bat those beautiful lashes
  • See what’s new at your local library
  • Try a new grocery store and discover new foods and beverages
  • Order a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) box at your local farmers market
  • Start a blog to further your passionate hobby or to boost your business
  • Work on relationships with old and new friends, online and off
  • Take a cooking class
  • Visit a local brewery, find out how beer is made and enjoy a brewski
  • Smell good with a new fragrance find – sample perfumes at a department store or Ulta or Sephora
  • Get a make-over at a department store make-up counter to pick out a few new beauty products that suit you for the season
  • Visit your local music store to try out some instruments and sign up for music classes
  • Ask a bartender to make you a special mixed drink or make your own cocktail or mocktail
  • Open the windows in your house and roll your car windows down for a healthy blast of fresh air
  • Make spring gifts for your loved ones – experiment with DIY beauty products or arts and crafts
  • Turn your bathroom into a home spa and enjoy some R & R
  • Decorate your house or work place for spring – include fresh plants, flowers and candles – and redecorate a room using Feng Shui
  • Get a water fountain – running water sounds soothing

Start checking off that bucket list whether you stay indoors or go outdoors. There’s much to do and see this season, so spring into spring!


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