National Day of Prayer for Law Enforcement Officers: 10 Ways to Pray for Our Law Enforcement Teams

It’s no secret that for those who work in law enforcement, every day is a step into the unknown.  A risk.  And yet – these men and women boldly wear a uniform and badge and selflessly put themselves in harm’s way every day.  June 21st is the National Day of Prayer for Law Enforcement Officers. Since 2011, this has been an annual event that occurs on the third Friday of June.

Between police departments, state troopers, and sheriff’s department personnel, we have hundreds of men and women who don the badge in Forsyth County.  As we approach the National Day of Prayer for Law Enforcement Officers, there are a variety of ways in which we can support them and pray for them.

  1. Pray for their safety. This is obviously a priority concern for law enforcement officers, but praying for their safety is both needed and appreciated.  But not just their physical safety – their mental and emotional safety, too.  There are things these men and women see that they cannot unsee.  Pray for them to be emotionally strong enough to handle the things they deal with.
  2. Pray for wisdom and discernment. Law enforcement officers must be able to quickly make decisions, as well as gauge the truth of a situation.  Praying for their wisdom is good for all parties within a situation.
  3. Pray for hope. Unfortunately, law enforcement sees more bad than good, and that can take a toll on someone.  Help them out by praying for an extra measure of hopeful optimism in their lives.
  4. Pray for faith. Those who wear the uniform need the faith and stamina to keep going – to believe, even in the darkest situations, that God is good.
  5. Pray for strength and courage. The amount of perseverance required to do their job often requires a strength that is greater than the person.  Pray for our law enforcement officers to have the strength and courage they need in every situation they face.
  6. When you hear a police siren, pray for that situation. Ask for protection for all who are responding to a crisis, emergency, or dangerous situation.
  7. If those sirens are for you, be kind and respectful. Pray that you will engage the officer in a diplomatic way so as not to make his or her job more stressful.
  8. Pray for their families. The stress of sending a loved one out to a dangerous and unknown job every day can take a toll on families.  Pray for the officers and their families.
  9. Pray for the ones who would do them harm. It sounds weird, but praying for those who are breaking the law and who would harm a police officer is an important part of praying for our law enforcement. Everyone needs prayer.
  10. Write a thank you letter to let the department know you are praying for them. Even if you don’t know a specific officer to whom you should address the card, write one anyway. People appreciate the simple act of a handwritten note, especially when it includes words of encouragement.

The men and women who have committed to serve and protect need our prayers.  There are few better ways to say thank you than to give the most powerful gift we are capable of giving – our prayers.


Police Officer’s Prayer

Oh, Almighty God, whose great power and eternal wisdom embraces the universe.

Watch over all policemen and law enforcement officers.

Father in Heaven please give them the strength, courage and perseverance to endure unjust condemnation, danger, and physical abuse to which they are, at times, subjected.

We recommend them to your loving care because their duty is dangerous.

Dear God, grant these brave men and women your almighty protection,

Unite them safely with their families after duty has ended.




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