Modern Vibes: Old Fashioned Values, The World Of Dating

We live in a world of convenience. Where we can order our groceries with a click, work from home, have lunch from our favorite restaurant delivered in a flash.  And every dating app known to mankind is available.

Looking for a farmer? Say no more.

A professional looking for someone in the same field? Have no fear, there’s an app for that.

Want someone with exactly 2.5 cats and a house on a mountain? We got you!

The world of technology has opened doors and made many things more accessible to the busy, hardworking adult. Gone are the days of having to go bars to meet people or engaging in awkward speed dating where you have .25 seconds to get to know someone. Instead, technology has allowed us to sit in the comfort of our homes and engage with various individuals. It has allowed us to explore and get to know someone with safety and anonymity in mind. While it is convenient, there will still be the first date that rattles our nerves, but at least some conversation and getting to know one another has occurred beforehand.

We must not lose sight, however, of old-fashioned values. Opening doors, and first date etiquette, ensuring that respect, honesty, and loyalty are at the forefront of any relationship. While some old-fashioned values might not fit into this day and age’s dating scene (Split the bill? Meet at the date? What is this!?) others will forever be valued. Like straight out of a scene of a Bronx’s Tale, unlocking doors and pulling out chairs will never go out of style, no matter how independent you are. Don’t allow your pride and independence take away from someone showing you how amazing and what a catch you are.

Independence is an asset. Remember that no partner should be needed but rather, should add value and love into your life. Don’t allow convenience to overshadow values that are important because you can take care of yourself. It is okay to be pampered and cared for. After all, you deserve it.

So, embrace the convenience, chat away and have fun finding someone worthy of that first date. But remember, allow those old-fashioned values to be a part of your modern relationship. Allow some nostalgia to seep through, adding the perfect balance of modern vibes sprinkled with old fashioned values.


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