Meet the Author of “Why Can’t I Get This Jesus Thing Right?”


Scott Schuler was a man on a mission… to figure out how to get beyond the mechanics of Christianity and pursue a relationship with Jesus Christ.  He and his wife, Lory, have navigated the hard roads of life, seeking solutions to the various challenges, and finding that faith often seemed easier to talk about than to actually live out.

According to Scott, “I was a miserable Christian.  I had a hard time navigating all the rules and trying to be ‘religious.’  I looked for resources to help me navigate things but never found what I was looking for.  I read so many books trying to figure out how to get beyond the complexities of it all.  Because the truth is – the decision to follow Jesus is simple.  But doing it is hard.”


Scott wanted a book that he could read in tandem with his Bible to help him grow closer to Jesus and mature as a believer.  He wanted a resource to foster his faith development and encourage him on his walk as a Christian.


After reading countless books that always fell short of his expectations, Scott decided to write it himself.  “The journey started with a whole lot of journaling and studying,” he said.  “In the process, I earned a Ph.D. in Christian Counseling and extensively traveled around the world, including missionary work.  As I began to grow and share what I was learning with other believers, God showed me how my studies could impact others’ lives.  My new book, ‘Why Can’t I Get This Jesus Thing Right?’ is the culmination of years of learning.  It’s designed to help other followers of Jesus by sharing what God has taught me.


“The book explores ways believers can walk with Jesus daily, and specifically some of the big questions including how to know God and feel connected to Him, how to recognize the enemy, how to find peace, and how to live as a disciple of Jesus.  It’s broken into four parts – Understanding Your Journey; Understanding Your God; Understanding Your Enemy; and Understanding Yourself.  Each chapter addresses common questions that every believer has with references to Scripture to help facilitate the journey.”


Scott continued, “It’s a lifelong journey that we will continue to pursue.  But now, I’m confident enough in my own walk with Christ that I can help others too. So my wife, Lory, and I have committed to teaching others – that at the heart of all the seeking is Jesus.  It’s only through Him that we can experience real heart change and begin to live out the purpose God has placed on our lives.”


You can find “Why Can’t I Get This Jesus Thing Right” on Amazon.  Visit to read an excerpt or learn how to book Scott for a speaking engagement.  Be sure to listen to the Forsyth Magazines podcast!  Scott and his wife, Lory, were special guests to discuss this new book!




“I recommend this material if you want a relationship above all other relationships with our savior, Jesus Christ. If you are a new believer like me, this will leave you wanting more!” – Brittany G.


“This material tested many areas of my faith and revealed that I was not as far along with my walk with Jesus as I should have been. In addition, it really helped pave the way for understanding the importance of Scripture, prayer, and holding myself accountable.” —Mike R.


“This material provides a roadmap that at times will convict you and other times encourage you, to develop a deep, personal relationship with Jesus.” –Chris B.


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