Lyndhurst Gynecologic Associates: Generations of Care

(L to R) Taylor B. Maddry, Dr. Nell P. Johnson, Andi M. Wensley, Liv T. Thomas, Katelin W. Thomas



Lyndhurst Gynecologic Associates is a well-respected, time-honored medical establishment in Winston-Salem. When the late Drs. Linton and Whitener first hung their shingle in 1970 on Lyndhurst Avenue, their mission was to provide exceptional obstetric and gynecological care in a comfortable and caring environment. As the stellar reputation of the founding practitioner duo spread, Lyndhurst evolved and expanded in response to the myriad health care needs of the growing number of patients by acquiring additional sites, health care providers, and support staff. Today, the main campus is situated on the former Hanes Mill plant location and boasts a gorgeous, state-of-the-art 50,000 plus square foot building with a plethora of providers and a host of services, all under the same roof. Over half a century later, Lyndhurst continues to be a practice that provides patients with the best possible individualized care and is proud of the fact that they are delivering their 4thgeneration of babies!

Even though the original practice has undergone a metamorphosis of significant proportions over the decades, the unwavering commitment to give excellent care to women of all ages is what keeps patients coming back. You don’t have to look far to find a highly satisfied, loyal multigenerational family at Lyndhurst Gynecologic Associates. Take the Maddrey family for example: Taylor Maddrey (mother), Andi Maddrey Wensley (daughter), and Katelin Wensley Thomas (granddaughter and mother of newborn baby girl Thomas, great granddaughter). When asked what initially drew them to the practice and why they continue to return year after year, Andi beautifully expressed a common thread among the three women, “Every situation is handled with the utmost professionalism, kindness, and care. The physicians pour love into every visit and make you feel like family!” The primary physician for each of these women is Dr. Nell Johnson, daughter of the late Dr. Harold C. Pollard III (Lyndhurst physician for almost 40 years). As Katelin shared, “My mother was Dr. Johnson’s patient before me, and after telling me how wonderful she was in every way, and that Dr. Johnson was going to deliver my baby one day, I wasted no time in picking up the phone and making my first appointment.” Katelin battled infertility for years, but after listening compassionately at that first visit, Dr. Johnson set Katelin on a pathway that eventually led to the beginning of her pregnancy journey. Although Dr. Johnson was not on call the night baby girl Thomas made her debut, Katelin emotionally recalled, “About a week before I gave birth, as Dr. Johnson swept the membranes, she tenderly told me that she was touching the top of my daughter’s head. I realize that Dr. Johnson had probably done that a million times, but the fact she was the first one to touch my daughter meant the world to me.” Many special memories were shared by the Maddrey women, but this sentiment from Taylor brought a collective smile and nod, “From the moment you step inside, you can tell the people who work there genuinely care – it is a beautiful place with beautiful people who make you feel at home.”

Making patients feel comfortable, while providing them with the utmost care utilizing the latest in healthcare innovation is the mantra of the Lyndhurst Gynecologic Associates team. In a recent interview with Drs. Nicholas Schoenbachler and Kendra Kesty, two of the newest physicians, it was apparent that not only are they passionate about their work and their patients, but they wholeheartedly share in the Lyndhurst vision of providing the best woman-centered healthcare possible.

With all the ObGyn options in Winston-Salem and surrounding areas, what was the single most important reason you chose Lyndhurst to be your professional home? 

Kesty:  Simply because as a patient I would choose Lyndhurst for my women’s health and primary care needs. Since rotating with the group in medical school at Wake Forest, I have looked up to many of the providers as role models and wanted to be a part of their team. All of the doctors are well-rounded, work well together, and emphasize accountability and patient-centered care.

Schoenbachler:  I had the benefit of training at Wake Forest and observing the Lyndhurst physicians for four years.  I saw how well they worked together and supported one another.  That made the choice easy for me.

Lyndhurst has long standing roots in Winston-Salem. Why do you think the practice has continued to grow and thrive?

Kesty:  I think medicine changes fast. As a private practice, we can be agile and make changes that improve care for our patients. We have providers that specialize in many facets of women’s health. For example, we added a pelvic floor physical therapist to the team due to the growing need for such expertise.

Schoenbachler:  We continue to build on the foundation started by the founding partners 50 years ago and provide individualized care to our patients in this community.  I think I can speak for all my partners to say we strive to care for patients as we would our own families.

What is your specialty area? If you had to pick just two of your specific clinical interests, what would they be and why?

Kesty:  I have been trained and enjoy treating a wide range of gynecologic and obstetrics diseases and would say I practice comprehensive ObGyn. I specialize in minimally-invasive hysterectomy, which allows patients to go home after surgery instead of spending a night in the hospital. I also have extra training in vulvo-vaginal dermatological issues.

Schoenbachler:  I chose to be a general obstetrician and gynecologist to practice the full scope of the specialty.  There is no other job that allows you to safely deliver someone’s child and then continue to care for them throughout their life.  That includes caring for a complex pregnancy, helping someone with heavy menstrual bleeding, and providing surgical treatment options when necessary for various gynecologic issues.

A fun fact patients may not know about you?

Kesty:  I love all types of biking – road, mountain, touring, commuting. And I tried cyclo-cross for the first time this year.

Schoenbachler:  If I was not practicing medicine, I would certainly be pursuing my interest in woodworking.

Since opening its doors in 1970, Lyndhurst Gynecologic Associates has served three generations of women (and counting!) in the area with the finest care and compassion. Visit their website at, or call the Winston-Salem office at 336-765-9350, the Kernersville office at 336-993-4532, the Mount Airy office at 336-789-9076, or the King office at 336-765-9350. The Winston-Salem practice is located at 111 Hanestown Court, Suite 151.



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