Looking to Make a Charitable Difference – Clemmons Food Pantry Can Help


Clemmons Food Pantry has been a stalwart beacon of hope in Forsyth County for nearly 20 years. From a small Sunday school project at Clemmons United Methodist Church to the proud owners of a new building, the Clemmons Food Pantry and its volunteers have worked tirelessly to provide supplemental groceries to local residents. Without judgment, we welcome everyone in our community.

When COVID-19 struck in 2020, the plans were in motion to build the new Clemmons Food Pantry. Although many places in the community closed their doors, the pantry remained open and adapted new protocols for operation in order to never stopped serving food.

We were very fortunate. The government began putting emergency food and community funding into the economy. We were flush with food and grant opportunities as we made the investment to create a larger and more functional space for our clients. As COVID kept coming around in new variants, the new Clemmons Food Pantry was built, and the facility was relocated.

Thankfully, the pandemic has been declared over. But, with that, there is large drop in government-supplied food and eligible grant money.

As Clemmons Food Pantry looks to the holidays during new times of record high-prices and supply chain disruptions, we have found ourselves with shelves emptier than we would like to see and donations and grant opportunities at record lows.

Clemmons and Forsyth County have always been generous to us as we have grown and touched so many lives in the area. In these new times, we wanted to remind everyone of the many ways you can make a difference to those in need in Forsyth County.

Neighborhood Food Drives – Ask your HOA or create your own. Many students need volunteer hours and service projects, and a neighborhood food drive of non-perishable goods is an easy, fun project. The pantry can help you get set up.

Church, work and school food drives are also easy and challenging ways to brighten the holidays.

If a food drive is more time-consuming than you would prefer, consider donating as a memorial gift. Many offices will pool their resources to support the community during the holidays.

As the end of year approaches, there are other ways to donate to the pantry.

Gifts of stock: You or your broker may transfer stock to Clemmons Food Pantry. The donor is entitled to a charitable deduction for the full (appreciated) value of the stock and pays no capital gains tax. To transfer stock, you or your broker may contact Clemmons Food Pantry, and they will walk you through the process.

IRA charitable rollover: A donor of at least age 70 ½ may transfer from an IRA to the Clemmons Food Pantry annually. While there is no traditional charitable deduction for the rollover, the amount transferred does not count as regular income and is not taxed, so it functions, in effect, as a deduction.

It also satisfies the minimum distribution requirement of the IRA. To initiate a charitable rollover, contact your IRA plan administrator and provide instructions to transfer the funds to Clemmons Food Pantry.

Please visit clemmonsfoodpantry.org for more information, or call the pantry at 336.331.4332 for any assistance you may need.

Clemmons Food Pantry is blessed to be in a generous community, and we appreciate your consideration as we face new challenges.


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