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Our nation’s history is littered with heroes and moments that have helped shape this country and even define it. From the first man walking on the moon, Martin Luther King, Jr’s “I Have A Dream” speech, the explosion of the space shuttle Challenger, or the election of the first African American president in Barrack Obama, moments and people can truly define a country or time. Sports can be just as responsible for doing this, and no other sport has defined our country more than baseball. Heroes such as Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, and Jackie Robinson have given us moments that are talked about today. Even as soon as 2016, when the Chicago Cubs won their first World Series title in 71 years, once again America stopped, listened, hoped and cheered as new heroes and moments were created. Baseball is still a part of the fabric that is this country.

This is even true locally and is demonstrated every season with the success of the Winston-Salem Dash minor league baseball team. From the moment the club moved to downtown Winston-Salem, it became an important part of the downtown scene. Knowing this, the Winston-Salem Dash have worked hard to make the club not only easily accessible, but a real part of the community. One way they have achieved this was to introduce a Winston-Salem Dash podcast, and the community has listened in.

“The podcast started before the beginning of last season. Brian Boesch (the former “Voice of the Dash”), David Kahn (a broadcast/media relations assistant, like me last year) and I were well aware that the media landscape had been gravitating towards that medium, and we felt it could create something fun that would resonate with people who are interested in the Dash, Minor League Baseball and the Chicago White Sox. Thus, the Dash of Everything Podcast was born in March 2017,” says Joe Weil, Broadcast and Media Relations Manager of the Winston-Salem Dash.

“The goal of the podcast is to humanize the players we are covering. All too often, prospects are seen as stocks rather than people, and what you learn in Minor League Baseball is that there is an incredible story behind each player. We also want our listeners to get to know the incredible personalities that are behind these guys. The Dash team has been a huge part of this community for quite some time, and this podcast allows people to get to know the players who are performing in front of them. The fans fall in love with the players through the course of the season, and we want to provide our fans with an opportunity to get to know the players they love watching,” Weil continues.

“What makes our podcast so unique is the access we have to our players. We work with these guys on a daily basis and ride the bus with them to the various ballparks in the Carolina League, and that provides us an opportunity to get to know them. I think what also makes our podcast unique is that we are talking to these guys as Minor Leaguers. Every player’s goal is to reach the Majors, and I think it provides a lot of value that we get to hear what it is like in their shoes before they get closer to that stage. We also do a fun segment where we dig up old tweets from the players and ask them about what they thought when they sent it. The long-term vision of the podcast is to have it become one of the most popular listens in Minor League Baseball. We want it to become one of the marquee forums of its kind in that realm,” he concludes.

Baseball has truly made its mark on our culture. It has made its mark on this nation and in fans’ hearts for years. The reasons for this can be debated and discussed, but one thing cannot: Americans love their baseball. In a time when it’s easier to find differences and disagreements than common ground, it’s a great feeling to sit next to someone new and cheer and “high five” a simple little ball that truly has stood the test of time.


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